‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans’ Sudden Marriage Catches New Mother-In-Law by Surprise (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jenelle Evans is officially off the market, but her courthouse nuptials weren’t necessarily a family affair.

The Teen Mom 2 star’s new mother-in-law, Holly Rogers, was blindsided by the news that her son Courtland Rogers and Evans were getting married on Tuesday, Celebuzz can reveal.

“I can’t say it’s a surprise because they have been talking about it, but I did not know it was going to happen, and I would liked to have been there,” Holly said. “Hopefully, they will have another ceremony, because I do not know Jenelle very well and would like to spend more time with her.”



The pair — who have only been dating for four months and became engaged just two weeks ago — got hitched in Brunswick County, North Carolina, before a local magistrate and two court witnesses. There were no family members or friends present.

And it proved to be a busy day for the couple: before they said their vows, Jenelle’s new hubby was charged in the same building with a shoplifting misdemeanor and obtaining property by false pretenses following a car accident on Thanksgiving — meaning he’ll have to return to court on Jan. 3, Celebuzz has confirmed.

He’s not the only person in the family who’s had run-ins with the law: his new Mrs. spent time in rehab earlier this year after receiving probation on a drug paraphernalia charge. And Courtland has had problems with drugs, as well: Holly says he got hooked on prescription meds after suffering injuries in a car accident some 10 years ago.

“He got into trouble after he was involved in a car crash and had to have seven surgeries, and he got hooked on Oxycodin to help deal with the pain,” she said. “He suffered a broken pelvis and crushed foot, and it really set him back in his life. Courtland has had his problems, but he is basically a good person.”

Among those problems: he was jailed in 2011 for four months for obtaining false property, larceny and possession of stolen goods, according to Us Weekly; in 2006, he served another four months behind bars on a drug possession charge.


Drug charges aren’t the only thing Rogers and Evans have in common: Courtland, who Holly says works occasionally at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, is also a young parent. Unfortunately, his ex Taylor isn’t on the best of terms with Evans.

“Jenelle has spent time with my son’s daughter, Jordan,” Holly said, “but I do not think that she and Taylor really get along. I think Taylor feels threatened by Jenelle, actually.”


Evans herself has had an eventful year: she was arrested following a fight with her on-again, off-again former fiancé Gary Head and suffered health problems stemming from an ovarian cyst that landed her in the hospital. In May, the 20-year-old broke off her engagement to Head before briefly reuniting with her imprisoned ex, Kieffer Delp.

But despite all of the controversy surrounding Evans, her new mother-in-law hopes she and Courtland can form a healthy family unit that includes Courtland’s daughter and Evans’ three-year-old son Jace.

“I’m not sure if their marriage will work, but I hope it does,” Holly said. “It is their lives, and they have to make the right decisions in the future.”

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