Happy Birthday, Walt Disney: See 11 of His Most Iconic Characters (PHOTOS)

Tom & Suri at Disney
See how Tom and Suri had fun at the water park
Kardashians at Disneyland
The Kardashians hang out with Mickey Mouse!
Pauly D at DisneyWorld
Pauly D fist pumps with Goofy!
Zippity doo dah, zippity aye!

December 5 marks the birthday of American icon Walt Disney. Beginning in 1928 when he struck gold with the iconic Mickey Mouse, Disney created hilarious, ridiculous and extraordinary characters that have gone on adventures far and wide. Snow White defeated evil and found seven friends in a group of dwarves — one bashful, one dopey one happy, and — well, you know the rest. Peter Pan defied age when he declared he was never growing up, and Bambi taught the world about love and how it conquers all.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Since Disney’s death in 1966, his empire has only continued to grow as the Disney studio kept his legend alive. Disney’s newest characters have swum the Great Barrier Reef, singlehandedly fought off invading empires (while dressed as a man, too), and learned to appreciate the life of a superhero toy.

From Boo’s escapades deep into the Monster’s Inc. Scare Factory, to Genie’s Jewish heritage and Pumbaa’s gassy ways, there’s a little something for everyone…and everything.


To celebrate Disney’s birthday, Celebuzz is taking a look back at his unforgettable characters — the ones that had us laughing, crying, and hitting rewind to watching it all again.

So sit back and click through our gallery — and prepare to be entertained!


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