‘Grey’s Anatomy’s’ Camilla Luddington Teases Intern-Centric Episode, Bailey’s Wedding

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On ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington) hasn’t exactly ¬†been having the greatest time as one of the brand new interns at Seattle Grace. So far, she’s been yelled at (a lot) by Dr. Karev (Justin Chambers) and even been puked on (a lot) by a guy who looked like Santa Claus.

But just when things look like they couldn’t get any worse for Jo and her cohorts, they do. And on Thursday’s episode of Grey’s, Jo will be having an especially bad day.

“With my character, I am working in peds alongside Karev, following him around. You see a lot of tension between them in this episode.” Luddington told Celebuzz. “He’s constantly picking on her, he thinks that she’s prissy; he thinks she’s a princess and a daddy’s girl, and you see a lot of tension with them working together.”

Asked whether the extra tension between Karev and Jo could affect the possibility of any future relationship between the two, Luddington said, “I think [Jo] can see something in [Karev] that she does find appealing and that she relates to, but it kind of just goes to crap in this episode. So I think that it’ll be a rocky road if anything is to happen between them. And right now they don’t even have a friendship.”

Though things might be pretty awful for Jo right now, Luddington on the other hand is having a great time working with her new castmates. In particular, she finds the scenes she does with Chambers quite hilarious.

“Justin is so different from Karev in real life.” Luddington said. “He’s just a nice, friendly guy. The second he gets on camera and turns on that ‘asshole,’ it’s actually very funny to me.”

The episode, called “Love Turns You Upside Down,” will be a special one for all the new interns.

“It’s all [from] our point of view,” Luddington said. “So you kind of follow us around instead of following perhaps Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) or Karev around. There’s a big focus on the story between Karev and I. There’s actually a point in the episode where a patient goes into labor and Jo is by herself. She has to act alone in that situation and she is of course totally freaked out.”

Because the interns spent a lot more time being the focus in the episode, Luddington admits to feeling a wee bit more nervous about shooting it. Overall though, she said the experience “was fun. I feel like it actually got all of us very close together; the interns. We were kind of goofy about it. We came up with our own little intern huddle before we would do scenes.”

When asked if the intern POV episode was the most fun to shoot though, Luddington let us in on a little bit of a secret.

Warning: Slight spoilers ahead about an upcoming episode.

Luddington told us, “There is an episode – well, actually this is an exclusive because nobody knows this yet – but, Jo gets to go to Bailey’s wedding. So that was something that was really fun to film because obviously seeing people outside of the hospital is a little more fun.”

Grey’s Anatomy¬†airs Thursdays at 8 PM on ABC.

What do you think after hearing from Camilla Luddington about Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy? Do you think all of the interns are going to have as bad a day as Jo apparently will?

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