MTV Announces New Series: ‘Washington Heights’ Gives a Taste of the NYC Hustle (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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MTV is giving its viewers a taste of New York City hustle with its new docu-series Washington Heights.

Centered on a group of nine friends born and raised in “one of New York City’s last true neighborhoods,” Washington Heights combines the real-life grittiness of MTV’s True Life with the must-watch drama of The Hills.

The new MTV docu-series will take viewers inside the lives of ambitious, hardworking Millennials who have to hustle for everything they achieve — and they really have to earn it.

In the Heights, nothing is given to them for free.

Together, this compelling group of friends will attempt to navigate the obstacles that stand in the way of their individual pursuits, from fashion and music to baseball and poetry.

Here’s what you need to know about the friends at the center of MTV’s Washington Heights: 

JP (a.k.a. Audubon): He’s the glue that holds this tight-knit group of friends together. When he’s not making sure his friends stay on track , he’s chasing his own goal of making it big in hip-hop. However, he fears he’ll have to give up his dreams to help his mother cover the rent.

Reyna: She’s a fiery diva who’s not afraid to stand up for herself. While she may be confrontational, this aspiring singer always has her friends’ backs. If you mess with her friends, you mess with her.

Frankie: She might be little, but she’s got a big personality. She acts tough, but this boy-crazy academic expresses her sensitivity and struggles through poetry, which she writes and performs. Frankie wants to become an English professor, but will she let her feelings for Ludwin get in the way of perusing her dreams?

Ludwin: This artist marches to the beat of his own drum, which is probably why he and Frankie share a mutual attraction. But with everything going on in his life, can he step up and be everything she needs in a boyfriend?

Jimmy: He’s an aspiring professional baseball player against staggering odds. His father is finishing a seven-year stint in prison, and with his mother out of the picture as well, Jimmy has been on his own since he was 16. To make matters worse, his girlfriend Eliza is an outsider in the group, which causes major drama.

Eliza: Hailing from a much different life in New Jersey, this aspiring fashion designer is the outsider of the group. She wants nothing but the best for her boyfriend Jimmy, but issues with Reyna cause a major rift in the group. Ultimately, Jimmy will have to decide: His girlfriend or his friends?

Rico: As JP’s best friend, he’s always been there to support his friend’s music career. But now it’s time to start focussing on his own future. He’s the oldest sibling, and his family needs him to step up his game, become a man, and contribute.

Fred: Rico’s little brother is the complete opposite of his aimless older sibling. Fred is always hustling and is doing all he can to make it in the fashion industry.

Taylor: She might look like a preppy blond cheerleader, but Taylor rocks an off-beat sense of style and a different perspective on what goes on with her crew of friends.

Washington Heights premieres Wednesday, Jan. 9 at 10 PM on MTV.

Watch an exclusive first look at the trailer above. 

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