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The Winchesters of The CW’s Supernatural have a familiar saying: “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” They use it freely—whenever one of them isn’t quite ready to deal with a particularly complicated issue  like “stopping” one’s brother back in the day or “icing” a vampire on Season 8.

But the Winchesters have never been particularly good at pushing such a thing down for too long.

Eventually it eats at them until that “bridge” comes to them. In “Citizen Fang,” Sam (Jared Padalecki) certainly followed the trend by having old hunter friend, Martin (guest star Jon Gries), track Benny (Ty Olsson). When Sam got a call that there was a vampire kill that seemed to have Benny’s name all over it, he and Dean (Jensen Ackles) were forced to deal with the situation.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t yet watched Wednesday night’s “Citizen Fang.”

Left to his own devices with Dean off hunting, Benny high-tailed it home to a small town in Louisiana. He looked up a relative– his great-great granddaughter Elizabeth (Kathleen Munroe), which became nice and awkward after Dean hit on her. He also took a job at a southern diner of sorts—the same job he had way back when, before he was a vampire pirate.

In that diner, Martin watched him have an uncomfortable encounter with an old patron who just happened to have his creepy eyes on Benny’s kin. This patron also just happened to end up killed outside the diner that night. But Dean wasn’t about to just “witch hunt” his old friend, he went to talk to Benny, who told him a tale of another vampire named Desmond from “back in the day” who was trying to get Benny’s attention.

Now, Dean was desperate to believe his friend was telling the truth, and looking Benny dead in the face seemed to be all he needed. Though Sam and Martin went after Benny, Dean went with him—to take on Desmond. Luckily for Dean, Benny didn’t betray or disappoint him but unluckily for Benny, he got a crash course in the Winchester lifestyle.

After killing Desmond, Dean warned him that he couldn’t stay—that there was no “home” anymore. Too many other vampires would come looking for him. Oh yeah, and Benny could barely control himself around the blood anyway—even when that blood was his “brother” Dean’s. But it wasn’t other vamps he had to worry about—it was Martin – who hoofed it back to the diner after being ditched by Sam (we’ll get to that in a minute) and used Elizabeth to get to him.

Benny tried really hard to control his anger and himself, so that he wouldn’t have to reveal what he was to either Elizabeth or Martin, but Martin knew enough about him already to know he wasn’t crazy. And all he wanted was Benny’s head on a stake. So Benny mulled it over for a few seconds before realizing just how defeated he was and laid his head down, literally.

Of course, it was just a trap, and he ended up releasing his vampire nature to take Martin out in the name of self-defense. Are we crazy to say that although, intellectually, Martin was making great points, we were thrilled to see him laying on the floor with his throat ripped apart because it meant Benny lived to see another day (and therefore another episode)? Are we even crazier to hope that maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t Benny at all but Elizabeth who attacked Martin, protecting her family at all costs and creating an (admittedly soapy) extra complication down the line? Yeah, okay, we may have went too far with that last part…

What was so much more powerful than what Benny did to Martin, though, was the realization he seemed to have just seconds before making the decision: he couldn’t fight his fate. He didn’t like it, but he didn’t really have a choice. And now Dean should have no choice but to add him to the list of “things” he hunts. But will he? Considering he didn’t outwardly lie but still omitted exactly what went down with Benny to his brother, we’re sure just when Sam and Dean are on good terms again, Benny will pop back up. But it probably won’t be for awhile because Sam still has a lot to get over with his brother.

See, Sam received a text from Amelia (Liane Balaban) while hunting for Benny initially and high-tailed it over to her house. When he got there, though, she and her not-so-dead, now-also-not-so-ex were cozying up on the couch. Sam didn’t take a second to ponder his sanity, though we certainly did—after all, it was just a short year ago that he was scratching at his hand every two seconds. Calling the number back, he reached Dean—on one of their burner phones in Baby’s glove box. He swapped the numbers in Sam’s phone “just in case,” and it certainly came in handy for him here.

But the thing is: as much as he used it to get Sam off Benny’s trail, he also seemed to use it a little bit for Sam’s sanity. After all, Sam checked in on Amelia and saw she was doing well. It may still hurt that she can’t be doing well with him, but at least he wouldn’t have to worry about her, right?

Possibly but to be honest, we’re still not entirely convinced we can trust everything we see in Sam’s flashbacks. Call it being overly cautious because of his history, or call it reading too much into production style of shooting the specific flashbacks, but just because Amelia is a real person (for the record, we never doubted she wasn’t) doesn’t mean Sam’s relationship with Amelia was exactly how he chooses to remember it.

We’ll be finding out soon, though, as the last moment of the episode was her walking up to him in a bar, stating that she knew it was him outside her house. And the petrified look on his face promised he’d be crossing a very important bridge, too, come the January 2013 return.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Who knew Martin had it in him not only to stand up to Dean but to physically knock him on his ass?

Thank you, TV gods: Even when about to rip out someone’s throat, Benny is so soulful, and Olsson deserves most of the credit for that. We cannot thank this show enough for bringing him back and showing such a different side to him!

Awk-ward: It’s always distracting when a show reuses recognizable guest stars in brand new roles, so we’re just going to pretend “Elizabeth” is actually the same woman from The Kids Are Alright. After the changeling debacle, she just picked up and moved south and started a new life!

Hotness: Is it just us or was Don the most level-headed, well-adjusted guy ever? It really put into perspective just how messed up Sam and Dean both are!

Fab-u-lous: Sam’s hair was particularly on point on this episode. Perhaps it was because he didn’t do any fighting—or even much hunting at all—but it was this perfect, unmoving fashion statement.

Can. Not. Wait.: What will happen when Sam has to confront Amelia after all this time!?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8

What did you think of “Citizen Fang” and more importantly, how will you get through hell-atus!? Let us know in the comments below!

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