Tori Spelling Talks ‘Life-Threatening Pregnancy Scare,’ Says She Relates to Kate Middleton (VIDEO)

Tori Spelling: 'Hell & Back'
She opens up about the pregnancy that almost killed her.
Tori Spelling: Meet Finn!
Tori Spelling tweets a picture of her new son Finn Davey.
Tori Spelling says she can relate to Kate Middleton’s pregnancy difficulties after having suffered from her own serious complications during her pregnancy with little one, Finn Davey. And says he’ll probably be her last child.

“I remember at one point, one of my doctors said, ‘Let’s get to 28 weeks, [just] get this baby to 28 weeks,” Spelling said on ABC’s Good Morning America on Thursday.

The reality star suffered from placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta completely covers the cervix, during her pregnancy. The condition put her on bed rest for two-and-a-half months. And she was unable to care for her other children, Liam, Stella and Hattie, with husband, Dean McDermott.

“I missed big moments, that was the hardest,” revealed Spelling. “I missed Liam‘s preschool graduation, Stella‘s fourth birthday party, Hattie’s first crawl [and] her first word.”

Finn, now three months old, is doing well. “I appreciate every second more with him,” she said.

Spelling recently provided fans with an inside look of her family’s home videos with the debut of her new web series, documenTORi. On her site, she writes, “In this exclusive web series I will share my family’s most intimate moments, memories, and milestones. From my last doctor’s appointment before Finn’s birth, to Hattie’s first steps, to being inside the recovery room after Finn was born and so much more.”

But the web series isn’t the only place you can see Spelling. The actress will appear on the upcoming ABC Family original musical holiday flick, The Mistle-tones.

On the TV movie, Spelling, 39, plays Marci, the lead singer of a local Christmas singing group.

“It was my American Idol meets Dancing With the Stars moment,” she said of the role. “I finally got my moment. I watch those shows all the time and now it was me.”

Watch Spelling’s interview on GMA above.

The Mistel-tones premieres Sunday at 8 PM on ABC Family.

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