Australian DJs Who Prank Called Kate Middleton's Hospital May Never Return to Radio After Nurse's Shocking Suicide, Says Source (EXCLUSIVE & VIDEO)

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The two Australian DJs involved in the hoax call to Kate Middleton's hospital, which possibly resulted in nurse Jacintha Saldanha committing suicide, are "devastated" about the incident and may never return to radio, a source close to the DJs told Celebuzz.

Mel Craig and Michael Christian -- who work for Sydney's 2Day FM -- are currently on full paid leave following the unexpected suicide that has sent shockwaves around the world.

But bosses at the radio station are standing by their DJs because they believe there was no ill-intent involved and that nobody expected the tragedy to unravel the way it did: "Both Mel and Michael are totally devastated about what has happened," the source told Celebuzz. "It was their idea to come off the air and they meant absolutely no malice with the prank."

Saldanha answered the phone call at 5.30 a.m. on Wednesday morning and transferred the call through to Kate's ward.

Another nurse then told the giggling DJs, who were pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles, how the Duchess was about to "get freshened up."

The mother-of-two was tragically found dead at an address close to King Edward VII's Hospital  earlier today in what Scotland Yard is treating as a suicide.
"Nobody expected this to happen, least of all Mel and Michael. It is a real tragedy," added the insider.

"But we do not know all the circumstances yet, including how the hospital handled the situation, so it is unfair for the these two people to bear the brunt of all the blame and anger."

Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) and 2Day FM released a statement Friday offering condolences to the Saldanha family.

The source adds the DJs involved still have their jobs -- but their future in radio is up in the air.

"Mel and Michael have not been fired by the radio station and before this incident they were really popular," the insider told Celebuzz. "It is too early to say what will happen with their careers or if they will ever return to radio. Nobody can predict that just now.

"Obviously, everyone feels really badly for the family of the nurse. This is just such a tragic story all around."

Following the suicide, a spokesperson for the Palace revealed that Prince William and his pregnant wife were “deeply saddened” by Saldanha’s death.

"Their Royal Highnesses were looked after so wonderfully well at all times by everybody at King Edward VII Hospital, and their thoughts and prayers are with Jacintha Saldanha’s family, friends and colleagues at this very sad time,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

King Edward VII hospital paid tribute to Saldanha calling her "a first class nurse who cared diligently for hundreds of patients," according to the BBC.

Middleton had been admitted to the hospital to treat acute morning sickness before being released on Thursday.

Scotland Yard are still investigating the nurse's death.

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  • PJ Campbell
    PJ Campbell

    I don't understand why the prank would be funny from the get go. Why would listening to someome's nurse takng about morning sickness be funny. I donlt get it.

  • PJ Campbell
    PJ Campbell

    One never knows when someone is at a "last straw" moment in his or her life. I would think that you wouldn't want to be someones last straw. Calling the lady a moron because you disagree with her POV could be her last straw.

  • ada pollonais
    ada pollonais

    What kind of example is this for the ladies kids? Go kill yourself cause someone screwed you up!!! She obviously was in a dark place and regardless of what happened, it probably was inevitable!! She would of killed herself over anything upsetting!! No right think person would of end their life over something so stupid!!

  • eric

    This woman who killed herself is the real idiot in this situation. So what, she made an extremely stupid mistake, get over it and dont literaly kill yourself over it. She is so stupid for beleiving them in the first place.

  • Gary

    Tell, me, what exactly was this "confidential information" I keep on hearing about?

  • Gary

    All you people wishing the lives of the DJs who prank called Kate Middleton's hospital to be ruined are the real "monsters", 100 times worse than the prank itself. All you people with your pitchforks and torches wanting to light these people up are the real "sickos". Get over yourselves.

  • Gary

    The only person who "caused her death" is herself. Moron. (If you commit suicide because I just called you a moron, am I guilty for it too?)

  • phil

    people, without which, the planet earth went around

  • non comprend
    non comprend

    I don't get the intended joke from beginning on. What was the funny bit? The tragig outcome though not be foreseen. Why can't any celebs just live a 'sort of' normal life w/o complete idiots thinking they need to somehow interfere.

  • Lucy

    People who are saying things like "they should be charged with murder" or "That's cyber bullying". May I ask how? These people did not intend for this to happen and they were not intentionally mean, therefore it cannot be cyber bullying as they weren't trying to upset the receptionist/nurse (everything I read has a different label). And they cannot be charged with murder because to be charged with murder one thing needs to proven - malice aforethought - and the radio hosts obviously had no intention of killing, injuring or hurting this woman in any way. It's a tragic loss but not one that can foresee a case of murder or manslaughter.

  • downunder

    eloo some one just died..thts wat we call cyber bully.. eloo down under copy me over n out..carry on with your so call pranks..yaya usual keep denying the facts

  • Ogbonna Rosemary
    Ogbonna Rosemary


  • Beth

    I'm sorry, but she seemed like a complete idiot. I've heard the recording of the phone call and it was a terrible fake accent. I just don't get how she could have actually believed it. Because the Queen and Prince Charles would obviously just give the hospital a quick ring to check up on her. Get real. Think of how many people they had in the hospital. If they wanted news, they could have gotten it a lot easier than calling the hospital. It was obviously a prank and a seriously doubt they meant any harm.

  • Paul

    Hi Katie - I agree with many of your points but please read what is written before misquoting “This is what Australian’s call humour?!” Isn't what I said. "And that’s what THESE Australians call humour?!" is what I said! There many radio pranks that are well researched, clever and witty sadly this wasn't one of them.

  • Katie

    I'm Australian and I would just like to say something : These Radio hosts (Not DJ's) did not intend that they would be put through, they believed it was obvious that they were not the Queen and the Prince. I would also like to say that it is unfair to say things like "This is what Australian's call humour?!" (as Paul did). You can't generalise a whole country in two people. I'd also like to say that the hosts meant it to be fun, they obviously feel bad about this and a lot of people one here are acting as though this was their intention and that they do not care. That's not the case. I didn't find the prank call funny, but it's not 100% Mel and Michael's fault. I'd also like to point out that the male pictured in the photo given is NOT Michael. It is the former host of the show - his name is Matty. Only the woman pictured in this photo was involved in the incident and it is unfair to put this picture on the worldwide scale as it shows someone who had no involvement in the call. It's horrible what has happened, it's absolutely devastating that someone had feelings so horrible they resorted to suicide. It's unthinkable to me but it's not ALL these host's faults.

  • onlooker

    I just love the self-serving remarks of Gavin Woods, the DJ talking on the video, when he justifies bullying and lying of the 'pranksters'. Apparently its all others fault and he clearly believes he and other idiots making a living from humiliating innocent and hard working people are free to continue their 'fun'.... I'm sure all nurses around the world will take notice next time this 'full of s++t' 'personality' requires an enema....

  • Paul

    Jamie, Resorting to insults makes you sound like the prick on here! The fact that the Djs actions resulted in the nurse giving out confidential information - they certainly didn't do the poor lady any favours! Then the hosts bragging about it on twitter shows the level of intelligence they have. Yes other radio shows do the similar things, however both parties come out of the gag laughing (it's called humour!).

  • Jen

    It is the medias fault, not the DJs. She was obviously unstable to begin with and the media attention pushed her over the edge.

  • Jamie

    Pull your goddamn heads in! "King Edward VII’s Hospital, where she worked, said it had not disciplined her, but rather had been “supporting her during this difficult time.” Nor, apparently, had the royal family raised a fuss with the hospital, an exclusive private institution that has long been the hospital of choice for Britain’s royals." You left this out Celebuzz. I'm sure you uptight Yanks never have had a Radio DJ team do shit like this. They made a mistake. You don't know what else was going on in this woman's life for her to want to end it and putting blame solely on these people is wrong and unjustified. You self righteous pricks.

  • Paul

    And that's what these Australians call humour?!

  • jb

    Yes.. I believe the death of the nurse is the fault of the two Dj's... 100%!!! They are adults and should have thought this through. They had to have know the nurse would be reprimanded if they pulled this prank off.She would not have killed herself if they hadn't started this mess to begin with.My god this is a disgrace.They should be held accountable just like the cyber bullying incidents that resulted in suicide.

  • susan

    I wonder if these people will be able to live every day for the rest of their sorry lives knowing they caused the death of this innocent woman? I only wish they could be charged in her death which they are clearly responsible for. And how dare anyone try and blame the british royalty for your poor judgment. Its truly outrageous...there's an old saying " you can run but you can't hide"...the truth of your deed will follow you for the rest of your lives....shameful indeed...