‘Breaking Dawn,’ ‘Playing For Keeps’ and ‘Killing Them Softly’: Five Flicks in Five Clicks

'Breaking Dawn' Review
How did the last 'Twilight' installment fare?
Between tentpole blockbusters, limited releases and film festivals, hundreds of movies are released every year, often a dozen at a time. Friday almost invariably unleashes a whole new set of choices on moviegoers, who not only have to choose from these options, but remember what all of them are, while deflecting critical acclaim, marketing muscle, and of course just the business of their daily lives.

Five Flicks in Five Clicks is Celebuzz’ way of whittling down those choices to a comfortable number. Rounding up a handful of new releases, lingering box office champs and left-field surprises, we’ve assembled a shortlist of movies and broken down their appeal (or lack thereof) to help you decide what exactly you might want to watch. So click on!

Launch the gallery above to see how Celebuzz is breaking down the latest releases.

Be sure to check out each flicks’ trailer in the playlist — below.

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