Flashback Friday: Jessica Biel in ‘7th Heaven’ (VIDEO)

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2012 has been quite the year for Jessica Biel—or should we say Jessica Timberlake.

The 30-year-old actress, whose sporty rom-com Playing for Keeps hits theaters Friday, recently got hitched to our favorite former boy-bander Justin Timberlake.

After the October nuptials, Biel dropped her surname in favor of his, and has since been touting the title loud and proud.

But there’s one name she may never be able to shed.

As Mary Camden, the eldest daughter of Reverend Camden’s seven-kid clan on The WB’s 7th Heaven, Biel began her ascent to small-screen stardom.

The overdramatized yet wildly entertaining drama of ’90s primetime broke records with a 10-year run, each episode tackling moral lessons of underage drinking, premarital sex, drug abuse, and any other issues that would be doubly problematic for such a pious family.

In this clip, Mary and her younger sister Lucy (Beverley Mitchell) get into a heated argument at their parents’ vow renewal, which turns into a full-on frilly-dress cat fight.

Biel, whose performance twice-won her a Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Award, hones her chops perfecting the art of dramatic argumentation and female showdown— skills most recently seen executed in her Total Recall fight scene with Kate Beckinsale.

But as in any 7th Heaven episode, all’s well that ends well. And from a girly fist fight comes a moral lesson of sisterhood.

Check out the clip above to see Jessica Biel in the long-running role that spearheaded her career.