'Hobbit' Stars Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis Talk Piercings, Drinking, and Socializing On-Set (VIDEO)

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey premiered last night in New York City, but the film was certainly not the only interesting story told at the event.

Jokesters Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis made their rounds on the red carpet at the Ziegfeld Theater to promote their new flick, and they didn’t hold back about their experiences -- including piercings and drinking -- on set of the first of three installments of the Hobbit series.

Rumored that tattoos may have been involved, Freeman responded by saying, “We got piercings."

He continued, “We got Prince Alberts" -- Prince Albert is a private male piercing if that explains enough...

Pointing toward’s Serkis’ chest, the Love Actually star, 41, said “I think that was Prince Edward,” – inferring that there could have been other piercings.

The English duo may have been kidding around about their private piercings, but their affection towards each other was no secret – nothing short of laughter and chumminess.

But their experiences on set may have varied -- Freeman said that he wasn't involved in any drinking, but 13 Going on 30's Sarkis, 48, claimed that he had "many drunken nights."

Watch the video above to see more of their comedic interview. What do you think was true and what was a joke? Weigh in below.

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  • Jenny

    Martin Freeman has the best wit, smart, ironic, quick, deadpan, very British. He can say the most hilarious things with a completely straight face. And he's so brilliant, you have to listen carefully to every word. But he always makes me laugh.

  • jackcat

    Martin Freemans friend Ben Cumberbatch is also in the film and many PBS fans would love to tell them 'we're waiting'....loyally andd having a royal romp watching them in 'Hobbit', good luck with the film and many more like them.