Stacy Keibler Reveals How She Stays Slim During Holiday Season: ‘Everything in Moderation’ (VIDEO)

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From flutes of bubbly at cocktail soirees to platefuls of festive fare at Christmas supper, the holiday season is a time for food, food, and more food. But for many Hollywood stars in the spotlight, staying slim is part of the job description.

For George Clooney’s model girlfriend Stacy Keibler, that means no gorging at the dinner table.

“Everything in moderation,” she told Celebuzz. “That’s just my way of life. I’m really fascinated with health and fitness so I’m always trying new things.”

Ahead of end-of-the-year festivities going into high gear, Keibler tended to her health with a cleanse.

“Once a year I usually do something like that to reboot my body,” she explained at an event for Old Spice’s “Dikembe Mutombo’s 4.5 Weeks to Save the World,” a recently-launched internet video game that sees the NFL legend tackle globe-saving missions each week.

“I find out what foods are working for me and what isn’t.”

Food is something of a new calling for Keibler, who is set host Lifetime’s upcoming Supermarket Superstars, a reality competition show for aspiring food product inventors. “Production starts next month,” the former WWE wrestler said. “I’m really excited about that.”

In conjunction with her new small screen gig, Keibler is crafting her very own food product company. “I’m developing my own brand to go on supermarket shelves at the same time, something healthy,” she said. “So I’ve just been really busy and it’s been fun to really immerse myself into that world and see what it takes to get a product on supermarket shelves.”

But Keibler hopes the New Year holds more than just new career ventures. “I just love travel,” she gushed. “So anything I can do in the next year to just see new places and have new experiences is all that matters to me, really.”

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