‘Warped Roadies’ Tour Reality Show Ready to Roll

Whitney at Warped
Port spreads her love at the tour.
The world is about to learn what goes on behind the curtain on one of the biggest rock tours in the world.

Warped Roadies premieres Friday on Fuse and gives fans an unprecedented inside look at the Warped Tour – the long-running, summer music show featuring groundbreaking acts from around the world.

Warped Roadies give fans a full-on, no holds barred look at what it takes to live on the road each summer and what it takes to make it on the Warped Tour.

Celebuzz recently spoke with roadie and Warped Roadies star Kenny Leath about what fans can expect from the show, “It’s all the different perspectives you get.”

“You get to see what life is like out there for the roadies – but also everyone on the tour, including the bands, the fans, everyone,” he continued. “There are a lot of great stories being told here.”

As an added bonus for music fans, during each new episode new bands will be announced for the 2013 lineup of the tour.

Warped Roadies airs Friday at 10 PM/9c on Fuse.