'X Factor' Co-Host Khloe Kardashian Odom: 'I Really Get Emotionally Invested' in the Singers (VIDEO)

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As a co-host on FOX’s The X Factor, Khloe Kardashian Odom interviews and hangs out with the contenders backstage. And, that has apparently led to strong bonds for her.

After Thursday’s elimination show, Celebuzz asked Kardashian, who was rocking 70s chic, if she felt like a big sister to the younger contestants.

“I mean I’m always there to console them when we do talk backstage,” Kardashian, 28, tells us.

On Wednesday’s performance show, judge L.A. Reid kept hammering girl group Fifth Harmony about their lack of harmonizing. And Kardashian was there to help lift their spirits.

“I was like, ‘You guys, he’s trying to throw you off your game. Don’t let that happen.’ Because, he’s another judge, he’s not for them,” she recalled.

“So, I do. I feel like I have to be their big sister or whatever. I mean, I really get emotionally invested. That’s just my personality.”

On Thursday’s elimination show, Fifth Harmony found itself in the bottom two with Diamond White. The judges ultimately gave the girl group another week. CeCe Frey was instantly eliminated for having the lowest amount of America’s votes.

X Factor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 PM on FOX. Also, here's your chance to ask the star your questions directly: Khloe will be joining Celebuzz’s Twitter Chat on Dec. 20!

How do you think Khloe is settling into her first TV hosting gig? Sound off below. Below, find out what Cowell told us about the current competition against his groups.

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  • Kim Keen Begor
    Kim Keen Begor

    I think Khloe is getting better week after week. It is something new for her and I think she will be great by the end of the season. Don't criticize until you have tried it yourself. We all need time to perfect the things we do.

  • xfactorfan

    Khloe is terrible. Hopefully they are trying to coach her but she needs alot of work. She asks some really bad questions. She is an amateur for sure!!

  • Not a Fan of the X-Factor panel
    Not a Fan of the X-Factor panel

    Khloe is by far the WORST I have heard. She seriously needs to take speech lessons on inflection. I literally cringe when she opens her mouth. I am surprised that no one has talked to her about it or that when she goes home and watches herself that she does not cringe. I'm serious when I say that she is by far the worse I have ever heard with an announcer and modulation of their voice. The questions she asks are also LAME. Between Khloe and the spoiled brat Demi being so very disrespectful that I will not watch the show next year should they be brought back on. I'm not into a supposedly adult acting like a 13 year old teenage girl when something doesn't go her way. Last night was HORRIBLE watching Demi act like a brat.