Prince William Makes First Public Appearance at Charity Gala Since Leaving Hospital With Pregnant Wife Kate Middleton (PHOTOS)

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Kate Middleton and Prince William expecting first child
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Papa-to-be Prince William was all smiles on Saturday, as the 30-year-old suited up for a charity gala in London.

The Duke of Cambridge, who was without pregnant wife Kate Middleton, also 30, looked all sorts of dapper as he took part in a benefit for homeless charity Centrepoint and reportedly made jokes about morning sickness.

The Duchess was admitted to London’s King Edward VII Hospital earlier this week for severe nausea related to her pregnancy.

“He said they shouldn’t call it morning sickness as it’s a day and night sickness,” former Centrepoint chairman Michael O’Higgins told reporters [via The Daily Mail].

The scene was a refreshing change from the tragedy that stemmed from the hospital where Middleton had stayed for four days.

Earlier this week, two Australian DJs prank called the hospital, posing as Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth, for an update on the pregnant Duchess.

On Friday, the body of Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse receptionist, was found around the corner from King Edward VII Hospital. Scotland Yard is treating the death as a possible suicide.

Since the tragic news, the hospital’s chairman has penned a letter to 2DayFM’s parent company Southern Cross Austereo.

“King Edward VII’s Hospital cares for sick people, and it was extremely foolish of your presenters even to consider trying to lie their way through to one of our patients, let alone actually make the call,” Lord Glenarthur wrote.

“Then to discover that, not only had this happened, but that the call had been pre-recorded and the decision to transmit approved by your station’s management, was truly appalling.”

The DJs have since been suspended as the station has pulled all ads from its airwaves in the wake of the tragedy.

Be sure to check out the gallery, above, for Prince William’s night out for Centrepoint.

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  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    of course Cate was unable to attend Hyperpermesis the type of morning sickness she has can make the smell of certain foods even ones you used to love make you violently Ill. my mom had it with both her pregnancies but thankfully neither myself or my younger brother were underweight at birth both nearly 8lbs. and it took her about 2 years after my brother was born to finally get back to her pre-pregnancy weight or damn near it when my bro turned 2 she weighed 118lbs at 5ft 3in 1 pound more than she had been when she met my dad 7 years years earlier. lets hope the Duchess isn't one of those women that gets deathly sick with each pregnancy though the reccurance rate among suffers is 80%