Tori Spelling Talks Her Growing Family: ‘I’m Completely Happy With Four’ Kids

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It looks like it’s a full house for the Spelling-McDermott family.

Tori Spelling told Celebuzz “I’m completely happy with four” children while promoting her upcoming television movie, ABC Family’s The Mistle-Tones.

“I can’t predict the future,” she said, “But we are going to be grateful for what we have right now.”

The reality star went through a hellish ordeal during her fourth pregnancy, including numerous hospital stays.

What did she say about the whole experience?

“It was potentially life-threatening,” she said. “I was on bed rest probably from five months on and I was in the hospital flat on my back for two and half months of that time.”

So how did she get through it? With a lot of help from her husband Dean McDermott, of course.

“My husband is amazing and has always been.” the 39-year-old revealed.

“Unfortunately, sometimes it takes moments like what happened to me to realize how amazing your partner is. I tell him every day that he went way beyond in the sickness and in health vow,” she told us.

Before baby Finn, who was born last August, Spelling had three consecutive C-sections to deliver Liam, 5, Stella, 4 and Hattie, 11 months. Baby Finn was conceived just one month after the arrival of Hattie, which only exacerbated her pregnancy complications.

“[Dean] had to just drop everything, take care of three kids, take care of a sick wife in the hospital and he came into that hospital room everyday with a smile on his face because he didn’t want to show me how scared or worried or frustrated he was,” she continued. “I’m so grateful for him and so grateful that the kids have him.”

The Mistle-Tones airs this Sunday on ABC Family at 8 PM.

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