‘Les Miserables’ Original Song: Hear Hugh Jackman Sing ‘Suddenly’ in New Behind The Scenes Featurette (VIDEO)

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Tom Hooper added a splash of something new to the new big screen adaptation of the Broadway classic Les Miserables.

In addition to the musical’s beloved tunes like “I Dreamed a Dream,” “A Heart Full of Love” and “One Day More,” the new film features a brand new song, “Suddenly,” performed by Hugh Jackman.

“When I read the novel of Les Miserables I felt the one thing missing from the musical was the acknowledgement of how central falling in love with little Cosette was to Jean Valjean and what it’s like to become a father in an unexpected way,” Hooper says in a new featurette released by Universal Pictures last week.

“There is a chapter in the book that, I think, only a camera can catch . . . he realizes that he starts to feel something for this little girl,” echoes Claude-Michel Schonberg, the co-screenwriter and co-creator of the stage musical.

“It’s a feeling he never had before . . . on stage, it’s very difficult to catch the intimacy of this moment.”

The track, performed by Jean, arrives when he rescues a young Cosette from the Thenardiers (Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen).

“I was in a room with probably the most famous people in the theater world . . . [they’ve] created a song and this is the first time I’m singing it back to them. I felt unbelievably blessed in that moment,” Jackman says in the featurette.

Les Miserables, also starring Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried and Eddie Redmayne, opens in theaters Dec. 25.

Check out the video above for snippets of ‘Suddenly,’ a new original song penned just for the film. Share your reaction to the track below.

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