TLC’s ‘Sin City Rules’ Premiere: 5 Vegas Women, Guns and Cold Shoulders (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Brrr, who knew it could get so cold in the Las Vegas desert.

TLC premieres its new reality series, Sin City Rules, which follows five women at the top of their game in a town of big winners and even bigger losers. And Celebuzz has an exclusive sneak peek at the drama.

On Sunday’s premiere, entrepreneur Lana Fuchs invites the other women out to the desert for some shooting. There’s some shirtless men, some trash talking, Four Seasons catering and a tiny injury. So, clearly, you not only want to look fabulous around these ladies, but you also want to be on the defense at all times.

Watch our exclusive preview above.

From mafia royalty to poker queen, meet the high rollers of Sin City Rules:

Lana Fuchs: Owner of Billionaire Mafia Enterprises, a luxury clothing line, a record label, and a concierge service. Married for 20 years, Lana enjoys a life filled with every luxury (obsessions include a pet monkey, a collection of guns, and a passion for diamonds) befitting of a woman who says and does whatever she wants.

Amy Hanley: Daughter of reputed and controversial Mob boss Tom Hanley, she has deep and dark roots in the city, and a unique relationship with her colorful mother. Amy’s businesses include a firm that handles the top-secret financial issues of elite movers and shakers who have fallen on hard times.

Jennifer Harman: Regarded as the best female poker player in Vegas, and arguably the world, she lives and breathes the sport. She can win ­ or lose ­ millions in a single hand, and her calculating approach to the game also applies to her personal life and the people in it.

Alicia Jacobs: An entertainment reporter, she is a former pageant queen who uses her local celebrity to move within Las Vegas’ exclusive social circles. However, her knowledge of the town’s secrets sometimes puts her at odds with those who fear she knows too much.

Lori Montoya: Owner of the high-end Rain Cosmetics, she is a Vegas native with ties to the city’s legendary hotels and nightclubs and is treated as a VIP wherever she goes. She and her husband are working to launch the ultra-exclusive Presidential Club.

Sin City Rules premieres Sunday at 10 PM on TLC.

Which castmember’s sting would you most want to avoid? Sound off below.

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