Are Australian DJs Who Prank Called Kate Middleton’s Nurse to Blame for Suicide?

Hospital Slams 2DayFM
Kate Middleton's London hospital chairman pens letter to Aussie station.
Djs to Face Questioning
Scotland Yard has requested a formal inquiry with DJs who made prank call.
As the two Australian DJs who prank called Kate Middleton’s hospital are being questioned by authorities in relation to the death of a nurse, a former radio host says there may be more to the story.

“The woman who unfortunately killed herself had to have other issues in her life. We don’t know the whole story,” Peter Anthony Holder, tells Celebuzz.

“We don’t know how others treated her or what her bosses said to her after the initial prank.”

Last week, Mel Greg and Michael Christian of Sydney-based 2DayFM dialed into the hospital as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, looking for an update on Middleton’s condition. Days later, the body of Jacintha Saldanha, a nurse receptionist, was found around the corner from the hospital.

Holder, host of the online program “The Stuph File” and based in Montreal, Canada, says prank calls are nothing new. His comments echo that of 2DayFM’s parent company Southern Cross Austereo’s CEO Rhys Holleran, who said Saturday that prank calls “as a craft in radio have been going for decades and decades.”

“While prank phone calls are something that I never did in my 30-year radio career, I will say that most of them are ill conceived, but in poor taste is a little too harsh,” Holder says.

Candid Camera, the grand daddy of all gag shows that started the movement of everything from Punked on back, started in radio as ‘Candid Microphone.’ So while it’s not my cup of tea, it is, unfortunately a legitimate radio gag.”

Greg and Christian’s prank call has since been re-posted all over YouTube and beyond. The DJs were immediately suspended following Saldanha’s death.

On Sunday, a spokesperson from Sothern Cross Austereo said that the pair were “getting medical assistance.”

“I don’t think it’s a prank that should have been done in the first place. But having heard the initial prank, in the gram scheme of things it was pretty harmless,” Holder says.

Holder also suggests that there may be copycats in the wake of the prank call tragedy.

“I believe the only thing the notoriety of this story is going to bring is more pranks on air, because most people will act out like this on the air are never going to believe that whatever they do is going to lead to another incident like this. It won’t happen to them,” he says.

Do you agree with Peter Anthony Holder’s comments? What do you think the radio station should do with the DJs next? Weigh in below. 

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