Beyonce, Rihanna, Taylor Swift: 10 Celebrities to Follow on Instagram (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Bey & Jay Courtside
The music power couple's cutest courtside moments.
One of the best parts about Instagram, the popular social media App, is that it allows fans to get an intimate look into the lives of the biggest names in Hollywood.

With stars like Taylor Swift and Rihanna sharing hundreds of photos, followers see them in their best, silliest and most fashionable moments — proof that celebrities really can be normal like the rest of us.

But which among the many celebs on Instagram are actually worth following?

Let’s start with Beyonce.

Since joining in November, the 31-year-old mom has lit up smart phones across the globe with a wide range of eclectic photos — everything from fashion spreads, to inspirational messages and beyond.

Then there’s Rihanna, whose account has become a source of controversy as of late, as the pop star has taken to posting topless photos of herself, as well as ones with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

And that’s just the beginning. To see which other celebs are worth checking out on Instagram, click through our gallery, above.

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