'Burn Notice' Star Gabrielle Anwar Reveals Co-Star Jeffrey Donovan Married, Has New Baby (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Over the six seasons that Gabrielle Anwar has worked with Jeffrey Donovan on USA Network’s Burn Notice, she has seen a clear change in her co-star -- and it’s all thanks to new life-changing events for him off-screen.

“He recently got married and I believe his wife had a baby within the last week as far as I know,” Anwar revealed exclusively to Celebuzz when she visited our Hollywood studio last week.

“So, I think he's changed considerably from the young party boy that I met during the pilot,” she added about her co-star.

Reports surfaced in June that the small screen hunk, 44, got engaged to model Michelle Woods, 21. And according to E! Online, the actor was planning a summer wedding. But, news of the wedding and baby on the way haven’t surfaced since.

A USA spokesperson declined to comment. And Donovan's rep didn't immediately respond to Celebuzz's request for confirmation.

Anwar admits she has had her own changes over the years as she seems to have come to terms with balancing her own need to be “truthful and honest” with the nature of Hollywood.

“I think I have done some things over the years that may have prevented some career advancement, because I’ve been so adamant about my morals and principles and ethics which doesn’t go well in this business,” she explained.

As for the show, Anwar says that the season finale airing Thursday, Dec. 20 will be “an extraordinary two hours” and they’re “building up to that in a bit of a crescendo.”

Patton Oswalt [who plays Colin] is hysterical as we come to the season finale,” she also says. “And there’s a lot of action, drama, sort of more of the same but bigger.”

Watch our full interview with Anwar above.

Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 10 PM on the USA Network.

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  • cleverfox

    shame that modern males no matter what age like to marry girls so much younger, i know guys think it sounds good..for the sex..but really 20 yrs is too much..shes like a child in comparison...its very embarrassing really because its not about love just the superficial stuff which fades with the years. Well i hope its a real relationship not just lust because otherwise marriage is turning into a joke.

  • simmy

    What makes you so sure they are "OLD" hags....maybe they don't support people like Donovan who cruise under age girls?

  • Jackie

    I'm sure she is an intelligent woman, she is out to get hers and saw an easy way to do it. Can't hate on that, we all decide what we want in life. For some it's shopping! As for the baby, as long as she is loved and raised with better morals that her parents that's all that matters.

  • Sean

    Won't last, they don't have enough in common and she will grow tired of him as he ages. Then he will face the fact that he will end up alone because he chose not to start a real family that might last in the long run. Happens all the time to guys like this.

  • Just sayin
    Just sayin

    I am somewhat in disbelief that a 44 year-old would have anything in common with someone his junior by 23 years (doing this math I need to start cruising the Disney/Nickelodeon channels for the 15 year-olds so I can pounce on them in 2 or 3 years, all grossly cougar-like, ew!) but hey, stranger things have happened I guess *cough* Courteny Stodden/ Doug Hutchison *cough*. What's done is done and if it's meant to be it will last. If it's not, then the young Miami scene needs to sit tight and send in their yearbook pictures for a go at him in a few years when he's legally divorced...and they're barely legally of age!

  • who cares
    who cares

    about their past, they must be very happy now. at least they got married and made that commitment when expecting a baby unlike most of hollywood. congrats to the couple and all the best to them and their little one!

  • CorrectInfo

    If you look on youtube in the chew video The Chew : Steak Michelle and Corn Cakes! he says in it that he made the dish for her the night he proposed two years after they met... do the math,

  • CorrectInfo

    Um he says right here that he made this for her two years after they met the night he proposed... do the math. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01KusEYR2_k

  • Kiki

    She looks very pretty imo on FMD, it says she has a lot of agencies in different countries too

  • iTunes

    She's a model? I just googled her. Who's her agency? Instagram? -__-

  • Kathryn

    Lol! Remember when his WIKI, from back in his Touching Evil days, used to say straight up how much he loves prostitues?

  • Deluce

    Hey, CorrectInfo, your info is not correct. I just re-watched the video of Jeffrey on the chew, from this August, and he never said when he proposed to her. #sorrynotsorry

  • Emilia

    He's been photographed recently not wearing his wedding ring at all. He's def. hiding it!

  • Christine

    Congrats to them! :-) Gosh, this post needs a little positive input. I'm with Shawna. If they're happy, let's all be happy for them! I bet their baby is real cute. :-) I don't remember him saying that on the Chew, either. If it's a shotgun wedding, then so be it. Here's to two people who clearly care about each other, and were lucky enough to be blessed with a sweet baby! Good job, Jeffrey and Michelle.

  • CORRECTcorrectInfo

    And he never said when he propsed to her. Sorry.

  • CORRECTcorrectInfo

    Check your dates, again. Jeffrey appeared on The Chew August, 6th, 2012.

  • CorrectInfo

    Jeffrey said on The Chew that he proposed to Michelle last August, then they wed this August on the 25th. Doesn't sound like a shotgun wedding to me. Accidental pregnancy, maybe, as most brides to be don't want to be pregs on their big day. But I am sure they are thrilled with their growing family even if it wasn't planned.

  • Heather

    "But, news of the wedding and baby on the way haven’t surfaced since. A USA spokesperson declined to comment. And Donovan’s rep didn’t immediately respond to Celebuzz’s request for confirmation." And they never will get a comment or info because just like someone said, shotgun wedding and oppie-daisy baby.

  • Heather

    he dated ellen muth when she was very young too

  • LolYouGuysAreFunny

    Oh, my gosh! A rich old guy uses his money/fame/whatever to score a young wife? That's never happened before!!!! C'mon you guys. Is it gross? Mayyybe. Is it illegal? Obviously not! Does it happen all the time? DUH. Wasn't the first time, won't be the last.

  • CanWeNot

    So you’re with Next, too? You’ve said nothing that wouldn’t be regurgitated by reading her FMD profile. UMiami let’s you go to commencement if you’re within 6 months of getting your degree.

  • Lena

    jeffrey & gabrielle notoriously don't get along anymore, which is why she knows next to nothing about him! haha. and i think they're general dislike of each other is what is responsible for their huge spark and passion on their show.

  • Nikki

    Miami's clubs are full of middle aged women. :( Lmao. Miami has a certain lifestyle expectation and it seems to be ageless. Guess I'll be glad of it when I'm that age! lol

  • Nikki

    Truth is, this was a shot-gun wedding for a “whoops” baby. Jeffrey’s been shut up like a clam about the whole thing, and I bet he’s none too pleased with Gabrielle spilling the beans.

  • Marjorie

    She's a model? She's so ordinary looking. O_o

  • Shawna

    Wow!! you guys are getting ridiculous with this "we're facebook friends" and "I know her mom" stuff. Damn, who cares? They're happy, let's all be happy for them, alright? Sheesh.

  • Jess

    @Erika, I do know Michelle pretty well, she was with my agency and we are friends on fb. She has pictures of her traveling to work in Spain yes and also Germany, Milan, NY, and France so you are mistaken. Doubt Jeffrey went with her to all those places, she doesn't have any pictures of him. She also has a picture at her graduation from UM so I assume she completed her degree unless they let just anyone go to commencement.

  • Jess

    Yeah, how often are middl aged women out in clubs?

  • Jennifer

    Do any men actually prefer to party with old married women with kids?

  • Erika

    You're right, Jess! I don't live in Miami. I live in Coral Gables, Miami's next door neighbor. If you do indeed know Michelle, you mustn’t know her all that well. Her "traveling" and "working" can be accounted for in one single job in Spain, which Jeffrey accompanied her on, before he went to Afghanistan with Bruce Campbell. Further, she didn't actually finish her degree. And hey,I never attacked her intelligence, not meant to. She seems quite sweet! No, I've never met her personally, but rather, we have mutual friends. Her mom, Melba, specifically. Now can we all be done name dropping, in efforts to further our points/lend significant trustworthiness to our comments?

  • Janelle

    i can also attest that he likes to party with young college girls. most all of them are at least 18 though. he likes he get his drunk on for sure, but he's a nice enough guy!

  • Jess

    I know Michelle personally and I can tell you that she continued to travel and model for at least a year after her and Jeffrey met. She didn't even go back to Miami until she moved there to finish her chemistry degree at University of Miami, so it couldn't have been much before that they they lived together or got serious. She is a very intelligent young lady and am sure if she married and had a child with Jeffrey then they are in love. @Erika, Jeffrey has no history of dating anyone much different than his age, there are no pictures online of him with young girls, and there wasn't much time between his previous relationship and Michelle, so not sure you are right that he "likes to party with the young girls." He probably just met a young woman and fell in love with her, doesn't mean he was some pervert out preying on girls. I'm guessing you are just making this up as I doubt you live in Miami or ever even met him.

  • Patricia Eation
    Patricia Eation

    When I first heard about his pending marriage, I was surprised and disappointed but then when I realized that he's 44 and probably going through a mid-life crisis, I relaxed. A pedophile is only when the person is under 16 so she's legit. At least he didn't leave a wife of 20 years for a younger woman like Kelsey Grammer or disrupt a family for a boy like Demi Moore. Besides, 'where's her parents' IF there was a complaint. I love Jeffrey Donovan and now also his wife and new baby and wish him a successful life, career and marriage.

  • noyb

    I think we detect a couple of old hags...

  • Claire

    If they started dating/sleeping together when she was only 17, then, technically, that makes him a pedophile according to the law. They should both be ashamed. And if he likes to party with girls that young so much, this marriage probably won't last long.

  • Erika

    Uhhhh. Just so everyone knows, he met his girl when she was 17, and promptly moved her into his Miami Beach condo. She turned 21 (not 20, the way the article alludes) just two days before their wedding (during which Michelle was big and pregnant). And Gabrielle is a little off on her time line, there. Jeff and Michelle's daughter was born on Nov. 2nd. He's gross and everyone from Miami knows he likes to party with the yoooooung girls.