Miley Cyrus Busts Out in Cleavage-Baring Top at Borgore Show (PHOTOS)

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Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus is channeling her inner wild child -- again.

The 20-year-old busted out of her cleavage-baring crop top Saturday night in Los Angeles as she performed alongside Israeli DJ Borgore. Also onstage: a few topless strippers added for good measure.

But the risque top wasn't Cyrus' only fashion statement.

Amping up her rocker vibe, the fiancée of Liam Hemsworth flaunted thigh-high animal skin boots at the "Christmas Creampies" concert, along with crotch zipper leggings, a hoop nose ring, a seemingly fresh buzz cut and a metallic zipper necklace that made a "Y" shape around her neck as it cinched her tiny waist.

In a video from the show, Borgore is seen announcing to the crowd, "I promised you a special guest. Who's ready for my special guest? Make some noise!" Soon after, Cyrus makes her grand entrance -- and the two perform Borgore's "Decisions."

Of his own decision to invite Cyrus to the show, the 29-year-old DJ told Rolling Stone, "I really wanted her here, really. I didn't think twice before I did this. I was so certain this is gonna work."

Previously, a cake-covered Cyrus appeared alongside Borgore -- and Hemsworth -- in the music video for "Decisions"; it was released in November.

Do you think Cyrus' outfit is one of her most outrageous ensembles? See more photos in the gallery above and let us know in the comments section.

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  • rabbit


  • max

    like the top she has on looks good she is beautiful

  • Jane

    Ewww. What an unflattering photo of Miley.

  • Lana Katana
    Lana Katana

    Borgore, like the DJ Borgore? Aw, why would he do something like this to himself? D:

  • Mimi

    She shouldn't have made her hair that short. She was so cute when she had her hair up until her shoulders. :( oh well, she can't please everyone...

  • Mayco Setiawan
    Mayco Setiawan

    I cannot say that she's pretty anymore and she was one of my fave.. *sigh* - she just fell off the boat ..

  • kamiluccha

    she was so beautiful but now she is just a big disaster... I dont understand who made her think that now she looks hot with this horrbile hair style and everything.... If you think Miley that you look pretty you are wrong ... I love youmiley but you made you're self look like peace off sh****t.... Sorry...

  • Nammy

    i love her but that is not flattering

  • Purple14

    Those pants are not flattering.

  • courtneybaaaby


  • Yowza

    Poor Miley. No one tells her she looks fug w ith her new do.

  • avani

    hot...miley realy like i...