Tom Cruise, Church of Scientology to be Focus of Tell-All TV Documentary (EXCLUSIVE)

"This is terrifying for Scientology."
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The Church of Scientology and its poster child Tom Cruise are the subject of a new, tell-all documentary from Britain's Channel 4, Celebuzz has learned.

Tony Ortega, the investigative reporter who chronicles the inner-workings of the church, conformed he has been working with the television network, filming in California, Texas and New York during recent months.

"I'm glad to help them," Ortega, the former Editor in Chief of the Village Voice who now runs his own website, told Celebuzz via email.

"I think their one-hour show, airing in March, is going to be a major addition to the field."

The Channel 4 documentary comes at a time when 50-year-old Cruise's involvement with the controversial religion has been sharp in focus, in the wake of his split from ex-wife Katie Holmes.

Indeed, as this site previously reported, ex-Scientologists -- including one of Cruise's former advisors -- spoke out about how Cruise has lived life in a gilded cage supervised by the leaders of his religion, for more than 20 years.

The split from ex-Dawson's Creek star Holmes was also deemed to be the "biggest nightmare" in Scientology history, according to some defectors.

When asked more about the focus of the documentary, Ortega said: "I better let them say more about what's in it. I'll just say I've been impressed at their level of research and how much they understand that this is s critical time for the church."

In an interview with Woman's Day magazine in Australia, Ortega warned: "This is terrifying for Scientology celebrities in an organisation that has destroyed so many lives and so many families."

He added, "One of the most powerful things about this documentary is that those interviewed took part in the wrongdoing.

"Now they’re speaking out, revealing everything Scientology tried to bury."

It's not the first time Channel 4 has investigated the church. In 1997, John Travolta, the actor, wrote to Michael Jackson, the network's controller, asking him not to allow a documentary because it would slander him and the religion.



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  • Mila Minderbinder
    Mila Minderbinder

    Can't wait for the documentary to come out.

  • Ze Moo
    Ze Moo

    So many people have quit Scientology in the last 20 years and have told their stories on internet sites. The abuses and crimes of David Miscavige have been well documented and anyone who joins or otherwise helps the CO$ without doing a simple web search is a fool.

  • Chuck Beatty
    Chuck Beatty

    Sounds like this TV ought be a cut above past US efforts. I recall a couple years ago, that French TV did an excellent show, showing Tom Cruise's whole life, and how during his period of vulnerability at the beginning of his career, Scientology's members saw a good thing in Tom, and got him to swing their way. How the current movement, fares, after Tom's recent years public behavior has not been exemplary, and how this goes back to Scientology's own problems, Tom being best buddies with the Scientology leader, and to a long term theory guy of L. Ron Hubbard's corpus, to me, it overall shows Hubbard's strategies to use celebrities as dissemination, is a problematic strategy, to say the least. Chuck Beatty ex lifetime staffer Scientology (1975-2003)