'Warm Bodies': Be the First to See the Zombie-Themed Romance!

Teresa Palmer's 'Bodies'
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With Breaking Dawn – Part 2 wrapping up the Bella-Edward-Jacob saga (for the time being) and so many new movies competing for the attention of fans in search of fantasy-oriented romance, it’s tough to know what’s worth watching. But Summit Entertainment, the folks responsible for the Twilight series, are hoping to strike gold again with the zombie-themed Warm Bodies – and they’re offering you a chance to see the movie early.

Based on the novel by Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies follows the relationship between a zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult) and Julie Grigio (Teresa Palmer), the girlfriend of one of his victims. The movie isn't officially being released February 1, 2013, but read on below to find out how you can see it before anyone else this week!

Summit is partnering with Celebuzz to offer lucky fans across the country an opportunity to RSVP and attend a screening of the film in 19 different cities. RSVP at THIS LINK to find out if there’s a screening available in your area.

Please keep in mind that once screenings fill up, no one else will be able to attend, as indicated by a red circle with a strikethrough. People will need to print their pass and bring it with them to the screening for admittance.

Screenings are available on a first come, first serve basis, but tickets do not guarantee admission. But once you RSVP, make sure you let your friends and fellow fans know that you’re attending with the hashtag #WarmBodies.

We hope to see you there! If you need any further enticing to RSVP, watch the film's theatrical trailer below!

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  • CJ

    I love zombie movies don't get me wrong, I just think this is going too far. You can't have a romance with a zombie c'mon! I mean, what must his breath be like? I thought zombies no longer have thought power or memory how is this possible???

  • Tracieandmarie Futch
    Tracieandmarie Futch

    Hey some of us like Zombie crap :-) We can't wait to see this movie it looks like it is going to be funny!!!

  • Puccs

    seems like a pretty good movie to me :)

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  • CJ

    Oh no, please stop with the zombie crap already. Hollywood took vampires as far as they could go but making a zombie have a girlfriend? Zombies undead who crave living flesh for food they can't have a relationship, come on this is rubbish!

  • Annie

    I just cant imagine how this could be good.. We'll see what people who see it says..