Kate Middleton Pregnant: Naomi Watts Says Princess Diana Would Be ‘Overjoyed’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

Naomi as Diana
Naomi Watts as Princess Diana on the set of the royal biopic.
The royal palace was elated with the news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, but none would be more thrilled with the baby announcement than the late Princess Diana, according to the actress playing her in a forthcoming film, Naomi Watts.

Watts, who did extensive research on the royal family her role in the biopic Diana, told Celebuzz that “the people’s princess” would’ve been “overjoyed” to learn that her 30-year-old son Prince William is now a father-to-be.

“I feel for her,” Watts said of the expecting Duchess of Cambridge. “But she seems like a level-headed girl.”

How does Watts feel about Middleton taking on the media’s coverage of her life in the public eye?

“She probably can handle it,” the 44-year-old Australian actress said while promoting her new film The Impossible. “Obviously, there’s been some preparation, I’m sure.”

Middleton’s official office, Clarence House, caused a press frenzy when they announced the young royals, who were married in April 2011, were expecting their first child on Dec. 3.

Aside from the baby news making the front of every Fleet Street publication, photographers were immediately camped outside the King Edward VII’s Hospital in London, England — where Middleton was admitted for severe morning sickness — waiting to catch a glimpse of the 30-year-old mom-to-be.

“The media is very different now then it was back then,” Watts said, referring to Lady Di’s tragic death in 1997 after her car lost control during a high-speed paparazzi chase in Paris.

“It was all new back then and now I think we’ve been living with it.”

 See below for more of Middleton’s pregnancy coverage.

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