'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Alex McCord Ponders Whether Brandi Has Gone Too Far (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG)

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RHOBH Brandi vs. Adrienne
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Former Real Housewives of New York City castmember and VH1’s Couples Therapy star Alex McCord is back to give her experienced take on Monday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Of course, Alex couldn’t ignore Brandi Glanville’s reveal of Adrienne Maloof’s horrifying skeleton in the closet. Was it true or not? We may never know. But, Alex wonders if Brandi went too far…

And, of course, the ex-housewife looks at this week’s Richards sisters conflict. Kim may have ruined Kyle’s husband Mauricio’s big real estate agency event by revealing to the Maloof-Nassifs what Brandi shared with the group. But, did Kyle overreact? She also gives kudos for Lisa Vanderpump’s “moving” storyline following husband Ken’s hip replacement surgery. Of course, this is Alex, so she’s definitely going to give Celebuzz readers an understanding of how they pulled this shoot off.

Watch Alex’s video blog for Monday's episode of RHOBH above.

And let us know where you land on the Adrienne versus Brandi conflict in the comments section below.

Watch Alex’s video blog for last week’s episode below.

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  • fT

    Hello, Yes Brandi went too far - I would caution her not to make people with a lot more money, resources and connections too mad. After the big show down, she started to get real nervous about what would happen and they already had a huge, non flattering article about her the very next day. Careful where you step Brandi.

  • Paul Vandiver
    Paul Vandiver

    You ar entitled to your opinion, however I am surprised you said that finally Brandi was called out. All I have seen since her first episode is the mean girls (Kyle, Kim, and Taylor) mock her, insult her, bring her kids into the fights, etc.

  • Michelle

    Alex, How do we as fans cntact or tell Celebuzz that we do want you to recap all the HW for us? I love to hear your vlog. So different from disscussing with other fans, obvious reasons. I have to come clean, I didn't watch RHONY when you were on. I became a huge Alex & Simon fan from Couples Therapy. I had a very similar childhood & relationship with my mother. The whole Dourtney thing got under my skin so much because I felt couples were robbed of work that could have been done rather than being on skin patrole. Sorry off topic my point is big fan & thank you for being so open. You never know how much your experiences may help someone. I love the comments made here. I like it that people have opinions wihout bashing. Thank you to everyone for that. I like that you react to the comments. It's just fun. More Alex!!!

  • espy25

    True! Some things are very personal & private and not someone else's story to tell, especially if the kids don't know. Bradi needs a filter on that nasty mouth. Big difference between being "outspoken" and just a skanky little troublemaker. BTW, how many dead animal vests do we have to see her in?

  • Mel2314000

    I think Kyle is a trouuble maker. She is always getting things started and then pretending like she doesn't have a clue what is going on. Kim wanted to get an argument started because it was the perfect timing to get back at Brandi and Kyle in one shot. She ruined the party, in part to get back a Kyle and hurt her. Kim has some serious issues and I wonder if she is still using at times. I am not sure what Bradi said about the more hard core drugs wasn't actually true. Brandi is generally upfront and matter of fact. She is the only one of the group that is and that should be respected.

  • Debbie

    As much as I love Brandi, I think she crossed the line, and she knows it. The crossed line is that she is selling herself out. Unfortunately, she is the one deemed to bring the drama. Hopefully, she can rise above this harlot image that the shows "people" want her to become. It is such an act, Brandi is a good girl, can't everyone tell that? It is why everyone likes her so much!

  • Amber Buckley Lyons
    Amber Buckley Lyons

    Alex, I am so glad someone I admire is, very gently, calling Brandi on the carpet for going OTT, she IS nasty, always has been, but people make excuses for her behavior and language all the time! I'm beginning to think that the normal standards of decency have plummeted. I am not sticking up for Adrienne, but no on deserves to be spoken to and about like she has been by Brandi. LOL on your not missing Yolanda at all, me neither, square peg. And the Van der Pump Rules promo was shady. I have to disagree about how great Ken's surgery coverage was. I am so sick and tired of hospitals, doctor's appointments, OB/GYN issues of the housewives and their family members, blech! These shows are supposed to be a break from that kind of reality. Love ya.

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Thank you, Michele! Simon and I are doing well; thanks for asking. As far as other franchises, if viewers are interested, reach out and ask the outlets to have me cover them! Happy Holidays...

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    I did that myself. The producers had no idea it was coming.

  • Michele Laber
    Michele Laber

    Alex, love love love the video commentary on the episodes. It's perfect and I think you could have a 30 minute recap show each week on some network. It would be a hit! Are you going to recap the other franchises? Atl, Miami?? Also, hows the Simon/Alex post-relationship rehab??

  • jennifer

    I am not a big fan of Brandi's, but when he comes down to her and Adrienne, I will take Brandi!

  • Bernadette Walsh
    Bernadette Walsh

    Alex, I absolutely love your blogs and you look better than ever--retirement from Housewifeland must agree with you. I know Brani is OTT and her voice sometimes grates but I can't help but like her. Adrienne has gone for even tempered, voice of reason, to frozen-faced dull-witted harpy in no time. And Paul? I don't know what to say--I loved him last season and now he seems to have lost his mind. And for the record if you open yourself up to reality TV, you have to assume that almost everything is fair game. If Adrienne and Paul had any sense they would have waltzed into the party with a big smile and air kissed everyone. By flipping out they gave oxygen to the accusations. Can't wait for next week!! Bernadette Walsh, author of GOLD COAST WIVES

  • Christi

    I thought Brandi was way out of line. There are some things you just don't expose (or lie about which is a great possibility with Brandi considering she is looking to make money and she's Lisa's new BFF) about someone and their family. I think when housewives talk about someone's kids, husband, parents, etc (Real Housewives of NJ) they have definitely crossed the line. Honestly, I believe that Brandi is just trying to become famous since she is poor in comparison to her Beverly Hills friends. By the way, where are her kids? How can she afford to go out to eat, buy clothes, etc. if she can't pay her rent?

  • Michelle

    I agree with you 100%. Kyle was so quick pounce on Kim. Kim spoke in a normal tone. Yes she should have waited, but Paul showed his behind. Kyle should have spoke to him in the manner she talked to Kim. Paul was scarry. I see why Taylor was nervous. Yes she too turnes this around to be about her. I laughed when Klye called her out on that. Alex you are right again, didn't miss Yolanda. I don't dislike her, I understand if she wants to be above the drama but at least have some fun. I wonder if ths new housewife Marissa is going to add some excitment. She has already stated that she does not lie Taylor. She seems very outspoken. Might be fun.

  • sassib

    The one that really crossed the line was Paul with his abusive behavior towards a woman. Why is it that no one mentions that? Very Disturbing!

  • johnny

    im with adrienne because i think yes, watching brandi is fun, shes unfiltered, but in real life you want to stay away from people like this because they can hurt others and just think they are sincere, thats not how it goes when you live in a society

  • Audrey

    Are you saying the producer put you up to it or you did it on your own? If you did, why?

  • Lis

    I agree with Michelle, Brandi was a smart cookie to set the stage about the pregnancy part .. If in fact Adrienne did use a surrogate there is no shame in that and she should not be hiding the fact!! Shame on her!! And the flat iron hair has to be her best syle yet on her.. Best wishes to her on her surgery today!

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Haha, I would never put anything past a producer. However, a housewife can always say no. AND, occasionally cast members come up with drama-stirring, "I know this will cause a stir and I'm going to do it anyway," moments. IE a certain message delivery in season 3 of NYC...

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Interesting point, Michelle! And thank you for the hair & makeup props...gotta love a flat iron and a smoky eye...xx

  • Michelle

    Well there goes Kim& Brandi's make-up attempt. Oh well. Brandi was setting the stage at dinner asking that pregnancy question. She already knew about the surrogate & wanted Adrienne to lie in front of all the other ladies so that Brandi can prove that Adrienne does in fact lie, and lie big for that matter. Kim played right into it. The comment Brandi made about the girls not running & telling. She knew& wanted someone to.Funny. Funny. BTW best ever on your hair and make up. Lovely.

  • Just me
    Just me

    Hi Alex great blog! I was wondering if you think that the producers put Kim up telling Adrienne and Paul about the secret during the party?

  • Jan

    As usual your take was entertaining!

  • fakeryeverywhere

    I agree Brandi should have kept her mouth shut, but we also have Kyle asking her what their issue was and getting the drama going. I think Kim was trying to tell a friend what was said, but could have done it over the phone or at another time. Bad timing though I don't think she really meant to cause drama, though the producers may have. Love Brandi regardless, Adrienne and Paul - please do not return next season.

  • Claire

    Totally disagree Alex TEAM BRANDI

  • Valerie

    Sorry but I like Brandi. She called her out on having used a surrogate(s) instead of carrying her children herself. I don't mind at all that she did but don't make up stories like when she said she was in the hospital having a C-section!

  • Philip Deslut
    Philip Deslut

    Brandis i cant stand Adrienne

  • PiazzaAlexander

    Definitely Brandi! Adrienne shouldn't be lying about something like this. And if half of what Brandi says is true that they did to her, then I would have told everyone the big "secret" months ago.