‘The Voice’s’ Terry McDermott Talks Taking on The Beatles on the Semi-Finals (VIDEO)

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It’s not every day that a contestant on a singing competition show gets to sing The Beatles, but on Monday night Terry McDermott did just that on NBC’s The Voice.

“We actually settled on a different song and somebody mentioned that one [“Let It Be”] and I was like ‘That’s the one we want,’” McDermott told Celebuzz of his risky decision after the show. “Everybody was universally in agreement but said there’s no way it will be on the show … it will never be cleared. It takes personal approval from Paul Mccartney to clear it and he did.”

So how did that feel to get the stamp of approval from a music legend?

The rocker was almost speechless. “What can you say?” he laughed. “One of the Beatles is ok with you singing the Beatles, even just to hear the words out loud, to say that out loud, one of the Beatles digs me enough that he can let me sing the Beatles – I mean just think about it — that’s unbelievable.”

McDermott did say that taking on the iconic band was a “bit scary” but as fans saw on Monday his choice paid off.

His coach Blake Shelton called the performance, “musical perfection.” Speaking about the high praise he received, McDermott joked, “If his praise gets any higher I’m going to need a stepladder to get up to hear it.”

“He keeps surprising me every week with his faith and belief in me and if I’m lucky enough to get into the finale, then I don’t know what I need to knock out of the park to beat ‘Let It Be’ but I got to come up with something quick,” he added.

In addition to delivering a killer performance on The Voice’s semi-finals, McDermott experienced a whirlwind trip to Louisiana to see his family, including a special surprise visit from his aunt and uncle from Scotland who he hadn’t seen in five years.

“I couldn’t comprehend it. It didn’t make any sense to me. I could not believe they were sitting in front of me,” he said of the shocking visit. His uncle was almost unable to make the trip due to illness.

“He’s actually still got such a pain in his legs that they didn’t even know he could make the journey but he made the journey just to be in America for 12 hours,” the 35-year-old added. “They’ve never been to the United States and they flew in to be on the show, we had dinner with them, we went to sleep and we woke up and then they were out of America again. That was their trip. That said [it was] everything I need to know about how much they love me and the kind of motivation that I have.”

Watch McDemott’s performance of “Let It Be” above.

Do you think McDermott will make it to the finals? Will it be a Team Blake finale? Sound off in the comments below!

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