Who Will Be Courtney Stodden's Leading Man In Her New Music Video? Find Out During Her Live Chat with Celebuzz


It's finally happening!

This Thursday, (4PM PT / 7PM ET), Courtney Stodden will be in the Celebuzz studio to exclusively reveal the man she has chosen to co-star in the music video for her sexy single, "Reality," and to join us for an exclusive, live (!) Twitter chat.

But before Stodden announces the winner -- who will also be making his Celebuzz studio debut -- we want to know who you think will win the much-anticipated contest.

Here's a hint from the leading lady herself.

"I chose this guy to be my love interest in my video because we share a playful connection," Stodden told Celebuzz. "Plus, I am a sucker for character."

Hmm. Think you know who that is?

Stodden, a popular figure on Celebuzz, skyrocketed to stardom in 2011 when she married Hutchison at the young age of 16.

Since then, she's gone on to star in the VH1 reality series Couples Therapy, as well as appear in a number of photo shoots showing off her signature barely-there style.

To join in the live conversation with Stodden on Thursday, Dec. 13 at 4 PM:

1. Follow @CELEBUZZ on Twitter. 2. Log onto Celebuzz.com at 4 PM PT this Thursday to watch our LIVE exclusive interview with Courtney Stodden. 3. Tweet at us using #CELEBUZZ during the broadcast to have your questions answered by Courtney Stodden!

Who do you think will be Stodden's on-camera suitor? Will it be the guy with the beard, torn jeans, preppy look, or the necklace who wins her over? Choose in the poll, above.

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  • Kate Upton is a Goddddesss
    Kate Upton is a Goddddesss

    lol what a complete embarassing, hideous trainwreck. she looks so old in the face, groooooosssssssss. can they just disappear???!!!!

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Jesus that voice....she makes me want to kill myself. Wow this is a NON event. Only a nobody 'singer' ( I can't find the right word that describes the horrible death scream that comes outta that mouth) would think that stripping down a bunch of nobody 'models' ( aka guys walking down the street she found) into their underwear was necessary for a video. Only crap celebuzz would think she is even worth following around. Lame. I can't wait for it to come out. It will be hilarious!

  • Melissa Twizzler
    Melissa Twizzler

    I thought she was into older men??? huh???