‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Star Jessica Chastain Reveals How She Got Through The Worst Week of Filming: ‘We Watched Videos of Animals Being Rescued’ (VIDEO)

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As a mysterious CIA operative on the hunt for Osama Bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty, Jessica Chastain had many dark moments during filming. But with the help of her Oscar-winning director, she created some lighter moments to get through the heavy material.

“The interrogation scenes were very tough to film [for] Kathryn Bigelow and myself. It was probably the worst week of work we had,” Chastain told Celebuzz at the Los Angeles premiere of the film Monday night.

“But the really sweet thing about it was that I would go home, and I’d be super-depressed after those days of work, and we would send each other videos of animals getting rescued.”

Chastain explained that she and Bigelow — who won best director at the 2009 Academy Awards for The Hurt Locker – used the images of the furry friends to mentally escape from the often-intense scenes filmed to tell the story of the decade-long hunt for the Al-Qaeda terrorist leader.

“It was a reminder that, ‘Okay, this isn’t our life right now,'” said the 35-year-old, who herself was nominated for an Oscar for 2011’s The Help. “We’re here making this movie, but there is another life, and there is joy and love.”

Meanwhile, Chastain admitted that she’s nothing like her super-guarded character, Maya.

“This is a woman who is trained to be unemotional and analytically precise,” she said. “Almost the majority of my life I’ve been trained to be emotional… so that was the hardest… [to] put it under a lid.

“I just try and have everyone that I know understand my gratitude that they’re here and my love for them, and so any time I have to do a scene where that is not in play, it hurts my heart a little bit.”

Zero Dark Thirty will be in limited release Dec.19 and open nationwide on Jan. 11.

Will you be seeing Zero Dark Thirty? Weigh in below, and watch the full video  above to hear what else Chastain reveals about her role in the film.

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