‘Arrow’ Star John Barrowman Teases Plenty of ‘Twists and Turns’ on Midseason Finale

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Star Stephen Amell previews the new action-packed drama.
On The CW’s Arrow this season, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has had to deal with his fair share of bad guys — and even a few bad gals.

When he thought he found himself the perfect girl, she turned out to be quite a nutcase. Talk about a rough season!

If you think that things are about to get easier for your favorite hero, you’re sorely mistaken. On the mid-season finale “Year’s End,” it looks like Queen is about to meet the Dark Archer and this new opponent could turn out to be one of his most challenging ones yet.

The big question on every fan’s mind must be: Could Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) — aka the “well-dressed-man” — and the Dark Archer be one and the same? Celebuzz spoke exclusively to Barrowman about Arrow’s roller coaster mid-season finale, but he wanted to save some surprises about his character’s future.

“What I possibly can say is: Up to that point you’re going to see a lot of builds with the relationship that Malcolm has with Tommy,” Barrowman said. “You’re going to get a good build with the relationship that he has with Moira, and there’s going to be some twists and turns in there. Also, with the whole Oliver and Arrow situation; it will lead up to kind of a great finale. I can promise you that. That’s really all I can say.”

“He [Malcolm] will cause trouble,” he continued. “There will be a lot of twists, and less turns when you don’t expect them. Malcolm will be a part of Starling City’s world.”

With an answer like that, it seems like fans can come to their own conclusions about the identity of the Dark Archer. Could it be Malcolm, could it be his son Tommy (Colin Donnell), or could it be a character that is yet to be revealed?

We asked Barrowman if we will see Malcolm when Arrow returns for the rest of its first season in 2013. Spoiler alert!

“All I can say is that, yes, I will be in the next part of the season. I don’t even know if I was supposed to reveal that yet, but, yes, I’m coming back,” Barrowman revealed.

Fans can now rest easily that Malcolm shouldn’t get into any sort of fatal accidents during the mid-season’s end. But I do suppose that it’s possible he could die and come back as a ghost. Though I really doubt that would happen, anything’s possible, right?

What do you think about the new details revealed from Arrow’s mid-season finale? Do you think it’s likely that Malcolm is indeed the Dark Archer? Or are you convinced it will turn out to be some other character on the show?

Michelle Carlbert

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