Ewan McGregor On Why He Has ‘Fun’ With Social Media and His Favorite Music Picks (VIDEO)

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Ewan McGregor likes to stay on top of his social media game, but there’s one thing that keeps him signing off.

“When haters respond then I don’t go back for a few days,” the actor admitted to Celebuzz while promoting his new film The Impossible. “I don’t like that there’s an avenue of connection for that stuff.”

So why does The Impossible star, who actively updates his Twitter and Instagram, network with his more than 200,000 followers?

“I just do it for fun really. I mean, it’s quite fun,” he said.

But McGregor is careful about walking that fine line between having a personal life and revealing too much information to the masses.

“I am personal, but I’m still private in my life,” the 41-year-old actor explained.

When McGregor isn’t starring in hit flicks or sending messages to his fans, he’s listening to his favorite bands: Muse and Mumford & Sons.

“It’s all about Muse and Mumford (& Sons),” he said. “Mumford in the morning and then Muse in the afternoon. That’s it. I can’t get away from those two.”

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