Hugh Jackman, Ryan Gosling, Robert Pattinson: Hollywood's 50 Hottest Hunks (PHOTOS)

Hunks have long been a part of the glamorous life of Hollywood, dating back to the likes of Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Paul Newman and beyond.

Today especially, fans of movies, television, music and more are spoiled by the amount of good-looking men in the business.

Whether Hugh Jackman is running shirtless along the beaches of Australia, or George Clooney is flashing his signature style, it seems you can't go a day (or, in some lucky instances, an hour) without seeing someone really, really, really good-looking celebrity doing their thing.

Not that we're complaining.

In fact, we're celebrating!

Today, Celebuzzhas pulled together a gallery of our 50 favorite hunks in Hollywood, many of whom just happen to be shirtless.

So, instead of reading the rest of this post, jump into the gallery and check them out in their full hunky glory.

Who is your favorite Hollywood hunk? Tell us now in the comments.

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  • Wendy Alcorn
    Wendy Alcorn

    Who agrees?

  • Phillip Clark
    Phillip Clark

    THREE men of COLOR...REALLY??? Step into the 21st Century please...

  • barf

    ummm no!

  • Ridiculous!!

    Are you kidding me! This is a child! He's not even hunky, just boney! He's not attractive whatsoever!

  • tootsie

    Rob is the whole package! So yummy.....

  • why

    well not on this picture i havent.

  • Lisa

    How in the world did Justin even make this list, let alone even be a thought in the minds of the people who put together this list!!! It's shameful!

  • Mary Lou
    Mary Lou

    Why isn't Johnny Depp #1?

  • George

    Heeeello?! How is Idris Elba and Gerard Butler not on this list?

  • Denise

    where is shemar moore?

  • tia maria
    tia maria

    SEXY CHRIS!!!!

  • benno

    Rob's so hot. He looks gorgeous here, I even like the beard he's sporting - very Cast away ;)