Justin Bieber Murder Plot Foiled, Two Men Had Planned on Castrating and Strangling the Pop Star (REPORT)

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If it weren't for the authorities, Justin Bieber might have found himself in a life-threatening situation last month -- and not just from fans eager to get their hands on him.

Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane had plotted to murder the 18-year-old pop star, but it was revealed today that that cops were able to divert the life-threatening attack just in time, according to the New York Post.

The New Mexico-natives had devised a plan on killing the Canadian “Boyfriend” singer and his bodyguard during his tour stop at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan – a sold-out show that raised money for the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Bieber was only one of three murders that Staake had plan on acting upon after his release from New Mexico Prison.

Staake met with Dana Martin, a convicted murderer and rapist, to compose his serial killing spree which consisted of strangling Bieber and his bodyguard with a paisley tie and his calling card, followed by castrating them.

The Post also reported that Martin is a Bieber fanatic who even has a tattoo of the singing sensation on his leg.

Martin foiled the plan he had created by turning in Staake and Ruane – who were handling pruning sheers amother other dangerous tools – resulting in their arrest. Investigators later recorded their phone calls that revealed details about the planned killings.

Before any murders were committed, Staake was arrested in Vermont due to outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Note: The gallery above features images of Justin Bieber and does not contain pictures of the two convicts.

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  • Sandra

    fyi. this state isn't all Mexicans..they have the whitest names as you can see. ignorant moron!

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  • Mel's

    Mmmm... New Mexico is not part of MEXICO is US territory don't blame it on Mexicans...

  • Chris

    I have no idea Miranda!! I wish I knew! Bloody mexicans!

  • Chris

    Like seriously!?!?!?!?!?! What the hell!!! Whats wrong with them???? Why would anybody wanna kill Justin??? If I catch them planning or attempting to kill Justin, I will kill them with my bare hands! Justin has done nothing wrong!!!!!!

  • Troy

    Damn it.

  • Miranda

    I have no words. What do they have against him? (Justin)

  • ivan

    the plotters look like the type of haters we see constantly bashing someone they know only from negative news reports from sites like this. How would you haters like it if you were targeted for castration and murder? Or your son, if he were a celebrity?

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt

    it was foiled from the get go. You cant castrate a person that is already bereft of balls.