Kelly Osbourne on Weight Loss: 'I Never Thought I'd Be a Skinny Girl' (PHOTOS)

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They say the only thing constant in life is change!

Kelly Osbourne is still in shock about how much her life has changed over the last few years.

From her dramatic weight loss to becoming an aunt, the Fashion Police star opened up to In Touch about her happier and healthier life.

Osbourne told the magazine that although she has an affinity for "cookies and Brie," she maintains a healthy lifestyle of working out five days a week and eating clean, nutritiously-dense foods.

Osbourne does admit to having one cheat day a week, which is crucial to her longterm success.

"I do cheat. I have one cheat day a week where I eat whatever the f**k I want," she said. "But I always stop eating when I'm full."

When Osbourne isn't busy with her hit TV show or enjoying the company of her boyfriend of 11 months, model Matthew Mosshart, she's spending time with her baby niece Pearl.

past him first." she said about buying Christmas presents for the 8-month-old. "We'll see how long that lasts."

Not only is Osbourne taking her new role as aunt very seriously, she's incredibly proud of her brother Jack too.

"I feel like I've watched my little brother turn into a man overnight." she told In Touch.

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"We're a bigger family now. What could be better?"

With health and happiness on her side, it doesn't look like things could be any better for the Osbournes.



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  • rrs

    I also think that she does need to put some weight on,she is way too thin, and maybe she can get a decent pair of Boobs,along with a thicker body,she does look awful, and yes Eddie will also cheat on her as well, like they say ,what comes around goes around,so there, home wrecker woman............!

  • rrs

    I am going to write in english,so u can understand me, she does look a whole lot better than ,all of that junk in the trunk,that she was carrying around ,so keep up the good work kristi ,...............

  • rrs

    come on now she does look great,and lets not be a hater, she is not really bad looking either,shes cute,she does look like her parents,with both of theyre looks too. she has changed so much, she is a role model for most of the younger generation, she cleaned up her life,just a great young woman. yeah kelli...........

  • rrs

    He does look a whole lot better without his big gut,hanging over, he is a funny actor though..!

  • rrs

    I think she looks terrific, she has those curves,that will knock u over. very pretty girl. go girl!!!!!!!!!!

  • rrs

    She looks a little bit better,just toned up more though, she does dress a little scraggy though,as always, just a plain jane type of girl i guess.................

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