Kendall Jenner Flaunts Red Hot Style for Blank Magazine (PHOTO)

She may only be 17, but Celebuzz blogger Kendall Jenner is already a newsstand staple.

Adding to her collection of magazine covers, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet is the latest celeb to grace the front of Blank magazine. Showing off her red hot style on the cover, complete with scarlet nails and crimson lipstick, Jenner wrote on her site:

I’m on the cover of Blank Magazine‘s fashion issue, out now!

The brunette beauty also shared photos from her fashion spread on Twitter, writing:


What do you think of Jenner's latest magazine cover? Check out her photo shoots through the years in the gallery -- above.

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Kylie & Kendall Shoot
Kendall and Kylie Jenner photo shoot BTS
On Set for a photoshoot with the Jenner sisters! Watch »


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  • alfonsina

    I love kendall, kept doing what you love no matter what people say ... there are many bitter people who only engage in finger-pointing what others do. nobody has the right to comment on others' lives! everyone does what he wants and what will make him happy! I love the kardashian! Greetings from Argentina

  • TonyZ

    I'd drill her 17 yr old hole like I was looking for the last few barrels of oil. I really do hate that dirty family though. Is it possible for them to all board a LearJet like Jenni Rivera?

  • Ahmed Bio
    Ahmed Bio

    she is gonna be something in the future .. and u will see ,, her face is so similar 2 karlie kloss and anja rubik and all of these fabulous top models .. all she need 2 work on is her walk 2 make it more fierce and confidence

  • Claudia

    N u see that as ok because Kate moss did it?! MAKES NO SENSE! They have been doing this to this little girl since she was MUCH younger! At 14 she was already wearing makeup and heels! NO BUENO! When I turned 15 I was allowed to wear lipstick in soft shades ONLY! Little girls need to start being little girls for as long as possible!

  • Claudia

    It is sad that since this little girl was about 13 she has been wearing heels and make up like a grown up! Aint she 16 or something? Why do you guys want her to grow up so fast?! BAD example for little girls everywhere! ENJOY YOUR CHILDHOOD! There is no need to grow up so fast! smh

  • Michelle

    She does not normally wear this much makeup, she's on the cover of a magazine so its a given that she will wear makeup.

  • Michelle

    Why are you so concerned with how old she looks? She's 17 years old, will be turning 18 next November. Most models at her age do way more risque things than she has ever done. By this age, Kate Moss had already done her fair share of photoshoots in which she was in some way nude. Yet Kendall is here fully clothed and wearing makeup and its a big deal. So what? Why is this SO upsetting to you? Because you wouldn't want your kid to look like that? Well, she's not your kid. And it was her choice to become a model, she was in no way forced by her mother like some people like to say. And she's great at what she does. People need to relax and get over it. She looks absolutely stunning so rather than hate on her family and what they are supposedly trying to do, congratulate her on a job well done.

  • shane

    Ugly you look stupid thinking you all of that just cause youre rich and stuff girl grow upp stop wearing makeup cause youre beautifull without pleasee the more you grow up the moree you turn like kimm stupid ugly damnn

  • Bill

    I know right? I want to pound her anus. Would you want to get together and discuss some anal lovin?

  • just saying
    just saying

    So beautiful - with or without makeup. She is by far the most beautiful of all of the sisters. Hopefully she has a good level head to go with all that natural beauty.

  • FrmSyriaWithLuv

    She looks gorgeous, but old! Seriously she looks way older that 1 in this!

  • fer

    she's just PERFECT! she's a real model , I love her no matter what!

  • kery

    kendall is so young she shouldnt wear all that make up and the clothes make her look old ;)

  • Kelly Nunnally
    Kelly Nunnally

    Kendall looks terrific, ought oh Kim I think you finally found your competition!

  • yea

    Kendall seems ok with her lifestyle so why should we care?

  • Leah Griffith
    Leah Griffith

    Awwwwwwwww! Little Kendall all grown up. Simply GORGEOUS!

  • Fine until now.
    Fine until now.

    Horrible. She looks about 30 years old. Why does the family try to sexualise her all the time? She's just a young girl!!! Shame on them and their family.