‘Les Miserables’s’ Amanda Seyfried Created a Strong Character Without Being a Strong Singer: ‘My Voice Does Lack Power, and a Sense of Control’ (VIDEO)

'Les Mis' Review
Celebuzz weighs in on the awards-season musical.
In order to give his upcoming adaptation of the stage musical Les Miserables real epic sweep on the big screen, director Tom Hooper recruited some powerhouse vocalists to play key roles in the film. But Amanda Seyfried told Celebuzz that she wasn’t one of them – which ultimately helped her performance as starry-eyed ingénue Cosette.

“I think the fact that my voice does lack power, and a sense of control really worked with Cosette,” Seyfried said. “She’s very delicate. I do love to sing [and] I do have those qualities — I am a soprano, I am comfortable living in that range, and thankfully [the filmmakers] felt that they correlated with one another.”

Seyfried stars in the film alongside Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, and former Les Mis stage actress Samantha Barks, all of whom contributed considerable muscle in their roles. She said that she threw herself into the preparation, although she admits she didn’t do quite as much as she would have liked.

“I didn’t have as much preparation as I would have loved, but I was also working on something entirely different,” Seyfried said. “So I did exercise as much as possible.”

Nevertheless, Seyfried said that even though the vulnerability of her voice proved to be an asset, she hopes one day to be able to hold her own on some of the meatier material her co-stars performed.

“It came to my advantage that I didn’t have the power that Sam has and Annie has, but I’d like to one day be able to sing ‘I Dreamed a Dream,’ if just for myself.”

Les Miserables open in theaters nationwide on December 25. Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive interview with Anne Hathaway about her work on the film below.

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