‘Take It All’ Host Howie Mandel on Returning to ‘America’s Got Talent’: Producers ‘Haven’t Told Me Yet’

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Howard Returning to 'AGT'
The judge has re-upped for another season on the NBC show.
NBC’s America’s Got Talent has had a tumultuous time keeping its own talent. Sharon Osbourne made a very public declaration in August that she wouldn’t be returning. But, news that Howard Stern had re-upped for another season broke last week.

But what about judge Howie Mandel? “I don’t know,” he admits to Celebuzz.

“They haven’t told me yet,” he continued. “They do the same thing every year. In January, they call me and let me know. I would love to come back.”

Mandel is still very thrilled by the job, but there’s one thing he doesn’t love about the gig: running down the aisle while being touched by the adoring audience.

The married father of three suffers from a host of maladies, which he chronicled in his book, Here’s the Deal: Don’t Touch Me. They include adult ADHD, OCD and a severe case of germaphobia.

He jokingly admits that he’s not that far from being naked in a hotel room peeing in a bottle ala Howard Hughes. The way he combats his numerous fears and neuroses is through medication and a lot of therapy.

“I’ve made a couple of therapists very rich over the years,” he says ruefully.

And as for those sprints down the aisle, “My therapist says that it’s good cognitive therapy for me.”

During the hiatus from AGT, Mandel is working on a new holiday game show, NBC’s Take It All, which debuted on Monday after The Voice. He describes it as The Price Is Right meets Deal or No Deal meetsJerry Springer.

The limited run show, which amps up the concept of Secret Santa with thousands of dollars of prizes climaxes with two contestants pitted against each other. They can either split everything, lose everything or have one person walk off with all the cash and prizes.

The 57-year-old comedian says that there has been copious amounts of wailing and gnashing of the teeth. “People are screaming and crying and fainting,” he gleefully told us.

The Canadian comedian says that after Deal or No Deal, he received offers to host several other game shows, but he declined. “I don’t want to ask trivia questions,” he explained.

The comic, who first became famous more than twenty years ago on the NBC medical drama, St. Elsewhere, also has Mobbed on FOX, which applies a hidden-camera spin onto the flash mob concept.

“I’m a comedian and I like to observe human behavior,” he said of his projects. “And also I’m like a viewer at home watching the show.”

Take It All airs all this week at 9PM with its finale next Monday at 10PM on NBC.

Do you think NBC should lock Howie down already for next season’s AGT? Tell us in the comments section below.

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