‘Thank God for Charlie Sheen’: Father of Child Fighting Cancer Thanks ‘Anger Management’ Star For $75K Donation (EXCLUSIVE)

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Charlie Sheen has brought big smiles to a family in need this holiday season. Together with his longtime friend and stuntman Eddie Braun, the Anger Management star made a miracle for a 10-year-old cancer patient named Jasmine Faulk.

Sheen shelled out $75,000 to benefit a fund set up by the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association to help police officer Everett Faulk’s young girl in her fight against a rare form of cancer. Now the thankful father is expressing his gratitude. “I thank God for Charlie Sheen and Eddie Braun, they have done so much for my daughter,” Faulk told Celebuzz. ” It is such a blessing what they have done and they don’t even know her. ”

Jasmine suffers from a rare form of pediatric cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma, which calls for her to undergo 48 chemotherapy and radiation treatments over the next year. “Jasmine’s cancer is a very aggressive form,” Faulk explained. “The doctor told us the radiation will cause damage to her eye and she will get cataracts. She might be forced to have cosmetic surgery as well. It’s very stressful more than just the money there is so much to worry about when your child has a life threatening illness.”

Not only has Sheen proven a God send, but Faulk has been a fan of the actor for years. “I love to watch all his stuff but could never of imagined him coming into my life like this,” the father explained. When he first got word of Sheen’s generous donation, Faulk was in shock. “I couldn’t believe it! I asked are you serious, no way I didn’t believe it. I choked up and just said it’s a miracle. It truly is.”

Sheen opened his pockets to the Faulks after Braun showed the actor an local newspaper article that discussed Jasmine and her condition. “I’d been thinking so much about it and this man’s precious little girl,” Braun, a father of three who also donated $25,000 to Jasmine’s fund, told Celebuzz. “Charlie, without being asked, in mere seconds whipped out his checkbook and said to me, ‘Eddie, it’s Christmastime and this officer and his family might need a hand., My eyes started to well up as I thought of this dude’s unflinching generosity. Not ‘I’ll get back to you,’ or, ‘I’ll have my people contact them later,’ but, ‘Where’s my check book? I want to do this now.’”

The Faulks have set up a website, Jasminefaulk.com, to keep friends, family and visitors up to date about Jasmine’s progress. “She tells me when she grows up she wants to be a cancer nurse so she can help all the sick kids,” her father explained. “This year we had to move her birthday party to an earlier date because her chemo but the party was great we drove all over to get her a Justin Bieberbirthday cake. Jasmine just loves Justin Bieber, but my daughter is amazing she thanked god for bringing her family together.”

Jasmine and her family have yet to meet their generous Hollywoods donors, but hope to before long. “I know they are busy guys, but as soon as they are available and Jasmine is able to I’ll say let’s go!” Faulk said. “If I saw Charlie and Eddie right now, I would just give them a big hug and tell them I love you and you are truly family. We all have done things but you can’t judge, everyone has good and Charlie has good in his heart.”

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