‘Burn Notice’ Star Gabrielle Anwar Calls the Season Finale ‘an Extraordinary Two Hours’

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Burn Notice fans are apparently in for a quite a ride when the USA show airs its season finale next Thursday according to its leading lady.

Gabrielle Anwar, who plays Fiona, spoke with Celebuzz recently and said that the season-ender will be “an extraordinary two hours” and that the drama is “building up to that in a bit of a crescendo.”

Patton Oswalt [who plays Colin] is hysterical as we come to the season finale,” she also said. “And there’s a lot of action, drama, sort of more of the same but bigger.”

With six seasons on the series under her belt, Anwar admits she has had her own changes over the years as she seems to have come to terms with balancing her own need to be “truthful and honest” with the nature of Hollywood.

“I think I have done some things over the years that may have prevented some career advancement, because I’ve been so adamant about my morals and principles and ethics which doesn’t go well in this business,” she explained.

Season 6’s penultimate episode of Burn Notice airs Thursday at 10 PM. The two-hour season finale airs next Thursday, Dec. 20 at a special time, 9PM, on the USA Network.

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