Charlie Sheen’s Donation Is a ‘Blessing,’ Says Child Cancer Patient Jasmine Faulk (EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS)

Sheen's Donation
The actor gave $75,000 to a child fighting cancer.
Charlie Sheen is making a difference for a child suffering cancer — with one big check.

The Anger Management star donated $75,000 — and his longtime friend and stuntman Eddie Braun another $25,000 — to aid Jasmine Faulk, police officer Everett Faulk’s 10-year-old daughter who is battling a rare form of cancer called Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma.

“It’s a tumor in my left nasal cavity. I was diagnosed on September 17, and then that’s when we knew I had cancer,” Jasmine told Celebuzz. “For him and Eddie to donate the money from their heart, personally, I think it’s a blessing.”

Sheen and Braun shelled out to a fund set up by the Hermosa Beach Police Officers Association to help Jasmine through her treatment. And the pair’s charitable contribution left Jasmine’s father amazed.

“For anyone to come out and donate any type of money or your time for someone you don’t know is amazing,” Everett said. “But for someone to come out and donate a large amount like Eddie Braun and Charlie Sheen, it’s touching. They did it with personal checks, like ‘Hey, I want to give this to them.’ They didn’t make a big thing. They want this girl to be taken care of as much as she can.”

Jasmine’s treatment plan calls for chemotherapy and radiation — and even required her to celebrate her 10th birthday a bit early this year. “We had to move her birthday party to an earlier date because of her chemo, but the party was great,” Everett said of the soiree, for which his coworker baked a birthday cake emblazoned with Justin Bieber’s face.

Said Jasmine: “She made me a Justin Bieber cake with his key-chain, but it’s a bigger version. I was surprised. I like Justin Bieber [and] his songs and how he performs. I like that he likes to help out kids. He’s in it to do it for the kids.”

As Jasmine continues to receive care over the next year, Sheen and Braun’s big donation will make the medical payments easier. “It’s going to help out tremendously,” Everett said. “A hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money….We don’t have to go crazy and worry about stuff. I do have insurance, but insurance doesn’t cover everything.”

And the big-hearted contribution allows Everett to see beyond Sheen’s controversial reputation. “People sometimes get a bad rap. [But] you can’t judge people,” he said. “Whatever he’s done… I’ve seen a lot of things on the internet, people have thrown out a lot of mean comments. But you know what, these guys didn’t do something because they thought, ‘Oh, this will look good.’ They did it sporadically. They did it because they saw a little girl in need.”

Though the Faulk family has yet to meet Sheen, Everett knows just what he would say to Jasmine’s donor: “I would give them a hug and say, ‘Thank you brother, that’s awesome.'”

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