Courtney Stodden to Visit Celebuzz's Studio for a Live Twitter Chat

Join us to find out who she picks to star as the leading man in her sexy music video!

Courtney Stodden Auditions Scantily Clad Men for Her Music Video

Courtney Stodden is about to make someone one very lucky man!

On Friday at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET, the 18-year-old teen bride will be in the Celebuzz's Hollywood studio to host a live Twitter chat, where she will exclusively reveal the man she has chosen to be her co-star in the music video for her single, “Reality.”

Though the blonde bombshell has already picked out her leading man, the lucky hunk won't find out until our live chat when she personally tells him the exciting news.

“I chose this guy to be my love interest in my video because we share a playful connection,” Stodden teases. “Plus, I am a sucker for character.”

Stodden skyrocketed to stardom in 2011 when she married Lost actor Doug Hutchison at the young age of 16. Since then, she's gone on to star in the VH1 reality series, Couples Therapy.

Want Stodden to answer your burning questions?

Here's how to join in the live conversation:

1. Follow @CELEBUZZ on Twitter. 2. Log onto at 4 PM PT this Thursday to watch our exclusive interview with Courtney Stodden. 3. Tweet at us using #CELEBUZZ during the broadcast to have your questions answered by the teen bride!

Which hunk do you think Stodden picked to be in her upcoming music video? Check out the candidates and then tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Angelyne

    Remember that chick on billboards in L.A. years ago, Angelyne? That's this chick in five years. So many more beautiful women in L.A. than this average girl with bleached hair and a boob job.

  • guest

    Does this stupid tramp realize what an idiot she looks like? Listen up Courtney, you fame seeking, good for nothing little hooker...NOBODY wants you to be a model, singer, or actor. You look stupid trying to put yourself in everybody's face. You've been trying for years now with no takers...Get the hint and move on, obviously, nobody but your pedophile husband & poor excuse for a mother are interested in you.

  • kathy

    ur kidding me with this courtney chick right? gold digging bitch

  • kathy

    ur kidding me with this courtny chick right?

  • JuJu

    This poor girl does she really think those hooker shoes make her skinny toothpick legs look sexy? and that wig OMG! I could find a nicer one at Goodwill geesh!!! She certainly has had something done to her face didn't help much but she gave it a try.Her mother actually has the "Hots" for this old man so much so that she divorced Courtney's dad.This music video should be a real hoot. I mean if it is anything like her prior ones she should receive a rotten tomatoe award or something of that calibur.I'm still not buying the whole 16 yr.old bride marries 50ish has been actor bullshit but hey to each his own I guess...Gawd those platforms look like the pedals to the eliptical at my gym (Lol)

  • Laura

    She looks like she wants to jump every guy except her "husband" pathetic !!!

  • Maurizio Lalla
    Maurizio Lalla


  • Casey Eno
    Casey Eno

    it's not a bad one! Courtney looks impressed

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