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Gleeks, listen up! Do you want a chance to own every Glee album ever? Then enter to win Celebuzz's Gift of Glee this holiday season.

Over the past four seasons, FOX's hit musical comedy has released eight soundtrack albums and over 200 singles. Glee has covered everything from Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and fun.'s "We Are Young." Now, you can have a physical copy of all your favorite Glee tracks, including the newly released holiday album, Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 3. 

Still interested? Here's how to enter: 

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us your favorite Glee cover ever.

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This giveaway will close on Monday, December 17 at 5PM EST.

Good luck, Gleeks -- and get commenting!


Glee airs Thursdays at 9PM EST on FOX. Below, watch Darren Criss perform live in New York City!

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  • Kristy

    I simply love "I Wanna Hold Your Hand." It's so emotional and simply and beautiful and- I cry every time I hear it.

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  • Lana Armstrong Fitzgerald
    Lana Armstrong Fitzgerald

    Somebody That I Used To Know

  • Emye Groleau
    Emye Groleau

    My daughter and I are francophone Gleeks. She is 6 year old and doesn't know a word of English but somehow, she sings ALL Glee songs all day. She even begged her father and I to enroll her in a music school so she could become just like Rachel Berry! Her favorite cover is definately I want to hold your hand. Mine would be Can't fight this feeling anymore or How will I know.

  • Taylor Marie Casey
    Taylor Marie Casey

    Definitely Rumor Has It/ Somone Like You!!

  • ladyj

    "How Will I Know," from the Whitney tribute was just STUNNING. Perfect voices, perfect arrangement, perfect staging/direction. I am all about Glee's original arrangements/a capella. (Thus, everything by the Warblers gets a high distinction)

  • Rebecca Ga
    Rebecca Ga

    It is a tied between Don't Stop Believing or Teenage Dream hands down...

  • Kathy Huang
    Kathy Huang

    I'm a huge gleek and it would mean the world to me if I won! I'm actually going to a summer performing arts camp on July where we are doing the Glee Experience! I love every single one of Glee's covers and i have them on my iphone but id love to have them in physical form too! My favorite would have to be Blaine's 'Teenage Dream' and Rachel's 'Give Your Heart A Break.'

  • Alexandra Roach
    Alexandra Roach

    Valerie. Amy winehouse takes the cake!

  • Marie Cornelius
    Marie Cornelius

    My favorite id Don't stop believing

  • Lisa Hurel
    Lisa Hurel

    If I have to choose my favorite glee cover ever, I would have to say the acoustic version of Teenage Dream. Just because there's no word to describe how beautiful and divine this is. Darren's voice is incredibly sweet and so mesmerizing, it gives me chills every time. I find it so cute that Blaine sang to Kurt the song they met on, in such a lovely way. It makes me cry to see in his eyes and voice how much he loves him but also how much he's hurt and feels guilty for what he did. When I listen to it, I just see in my head all they've been through since they met and how much their relationship is strong. This is why I find it very sad and heartbreaking to watch Blaine sing with so much emotion and love knowing that they break up just after.. This Glee cover, Darren's version, moves me deeply. This song is just marvelous. No, it is superb. <3

  • Cynthia Chan
    Cynthia Chan

    if i had to pick only one favorite glee cover, i'm pretty sure i couldn't narrow it down. one of my all time favorites, though, is lea & melissa's 'new york state of mind'. :)

  • Suzi Reich
    Suzi Reich

    It's gotta be "The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed" on the Makeover edition. Real old-school stuff - my kids and I both loved it... jamming and singing at the top of our lungs. Good stuff!!

  • Emilia Moore
    Emilia Moore

    My favorite cover that Glee has done would have to be "The Scientist" :)

  • Laura Houston
    Laura Houston

    I absolutely love when Kurt (backed by others) sang Single Ladies.

  • Lindsey Garcia
    Lindsey Garcia

    Blaine's Somewhere Only We Know

  • Mia McFarland
    Mia McFarland

    Rumour Has It/ Someone Like You. I love the troubletones

  • Julie Tuttle
    Julie Tuttle

    I love 'em all, my favorite song is Get Happy/Happy days are here again by Rachel and Kurt. Love, love, love that duo.

  • saarahh

    Has to be I want to hold your hand by kurt/chris :D To be honest, every song on glee is amazing :D

  • Kevin Tan
    Kevin Tan

    Don't Stop Believin' from the Pilot episode. The first time I heard it, I knew glee will be my favorite TV show ever.

  • Aaron Garza
    Aaron Garza

    It'd have to be a Blaine song! All of his songs! Okay if I have to choose... 'Somewhere Only We Know' is a classic. His voice is lovely on that track and I NEED him to sing it to me.

  • Shemp DeYoung
    Shemp DeYoung

    The only one I can think of right now is Cough Syrup. But, I like it a lot when Emma sings.

  • shewhoshallnotbenamed

    Well since Darren has the voice (and looks) of an angel, anything he sings is my favorite. But I sure do enjoy 'Somewhere Only We Know', so I think I'll go with that one :)

  • Cheryl V
    Cheryl V

    My favorite is Poker face - but there are so many great ones!

  • Caitlin Elise Garrett
    Caitlin Elise Garrett

    My favorite Glee cover would have to be a tie between "I Dreamed a Dream" by Lea Michelle and Idina Menzel and "As If We Never Said Goodbye" by Chris Colfer. The tension and camaraderie between Lea and Idina's characters is so palpable and I think everyone was excited to see Wicked's Idina play Rachel's mother; she was a perfect actor to cast in the part. When Kurt is wandering the halls of McKinley High and singing "As If We Never Said Goodbye", you feel the emotions he's feeling and you empathize with his struggles. Not to mention, the vocals are amazing - such an impressive range for a man. Oh, and I also love Songbird by Naya Rivers... because I love Fleetwood Mac :)

  • Sabrina Schroeder
    Sabrina Schroeder

    I have to say I still love Give Up The Funk.

  • Pablo Garcia Rendell
    Pablo Garcia Rendell

    wow it's difficult to choose just one, but it would be somewhere only we know,,,

  • C Pennine
    C Pennine

    My favorite GLEE cover is, Beth sung by the hot and very talented Puck aka Mark Salling!!!!

  • klaineismylife

    mine would have to be don"t stop believing because its the song that made glee, glee. but i also really liked baby its cold outside

  • Shelby Fantasia Wade
    Shelby Fantasia Wade

    My favorite Glee cover is "I Feel Pretty / Unpretty" or anything Rachel Berry / Lea Michele sings. I love her! <3 :)

  • MarieM

    My absolute favourite Glee song is "Loser like me". It's got a powerful message ! and I think it helped a lot of people facing the pressure of popularity in High School !

  • Linda Nguyen
    Linda Nguyen

    I loved Taking Chances!

  • Alexandra Lutsenko Ex Petrovska
    Alexandra Lutsenko Ex Petrovska

    I liked The Scientist, Coldplay - it is so emotional and so strong. Thanks #Glee cast for doing so well!

  • Kathleen Pasqualini
    Kathleen Pasqualini

    I have 2 favorites, Don't Stop Believing and Somebody to Love.

  • Colleen Nielsen
    Colleen Nielsen

    I love every single song that Glee has covered. Glee is amazing and I listen to their songs on my phone every single day. I don't have their cds because South Africa doesn't sell them, but, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Darren's cover of teenage dream(acoustic version), he made me cry and it was soo beautiful! The other one is Loser like me because that song describes me! I'm a loser and I'm proud! :D but my ultimate favorite is Keep holding on because I have had loads of problems in my life and the way they sang that song always gets me through those problems! I love Glee <3 Those are my favorites but every single Glee song relates to me somehow.

  • Nicole Forry
    Nicole Forry

    Somebody to Love, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, Pokerface....Anything Lea does...The best us I Feel Pretty/Unpretty.

  • Megan Herbert
    Megan Herbert

    I like a good majority of Glee's covers, but my favorite would have to be Blackbird.

  • Adrian Elizondo
    Adrian Elizondo


  • Cheyenne Jean
    Cheyenne Jean

    Blaine's acoustic version of Teenage Dream that he sang at Callbacks would have to be it. :) Or Klaine's Baby It's Cold Outside!

  • Kaitlin Carson
    Kaitlin Carson

    I have loved Glee since the beginning of time, and picking just ONE cover is close to impossible. My favorite solo would have to be Being Alive and my favorite duet would have to be Faithfully! Last of all, my favorite group number is Paradise by the Dashboard Light. I LOVE GLEE

  • Leslie Elizabeth Simmons
    Leslie Elizabeth Simmons

    My favorite Glee cover is "Somebody That I Used To Know" :)

  • Isaiah Jerome
    Isaiah Jerome

    My favorite Glee cover Hand Jive. I love how they did it! I also love You cant stop the beat, live while we're young. Glee is such an amazing show and I love all of the covers they do. One day I hope that I can be on it!!!! Ohh yea, Sexy and I know It was very good. I really like there cover of Some Nights and It's Time! :)) I love GLEE so much!!!! #LovingGlee

  • Charlotte Abbotts
    Charlotte Abbotts

    Have SO many favourites but 'I won't give up'. I love that song so much and the cover is just AMAZING ♥ Lea Micheles voice makes me have goosebumps when she sings it!

  • Jamie Dyess
    Jamie Dyess

    Teenage Dream (acoustic version) or Rose's Turn! I'm also a big fan of Rumour Has It/Someone Like You and We Are Young! And I Feel Pretty/Unpretty and can I pick everything?

  • Cristina Moya García
    Cristina Moya García

    My favorite is "Somewhere Only We Know"

  • Naomi Kaplan
    Naomi Kaplan

    My favorite Glee cover is sung by the one and only Chris Colfer. "I have Nothing" is such a beautiful song and Chris did it justice. It was perfect for Chris Colfer's character Kurt Hummel. Who at the time was going through some boyfriend problems with Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) even though since then they were together up until season 4's "The Break Up" were Blaine cheated on Kurt, which kinda makes this song ironic. Can't wait for them to get back together. #KlaineForver

  • Victoria De Prille
    Victoria De Prille

    If I have to chose just one, I would chose Cough Syrup. It's so full of emotion and it's the most played song on my iTunes, I love it.

  • Roger Jimenez
    Roger Jimenez

    My favorites are Candles and, surprisingly for me, Saving All My Love For You. Didn't think this would turn out to be my favorite from the Whitney episode, but the voices and arrangement just worked perfectly.

  • Cassie Cookies Goldstein
    Cassie Cookies Goldstein

    I love like all of them!!! But I love I Want To Hold Your Hand, Lucky, Don't Stop Believing, Me Against the Music. I LOVE them all don't make me pick lol!!

  • Jan McGregor
    Jan McGregor

    so hard to choose just one! Teenage Dream (acoustic), Being Alive, As If We Never Said Goodbye, For Good and Baby It's Cold Outside are my Top 5 :)

  • Lacey Frazier
    Lacey Frazier

    Blackbird (which aired 12hrs before my Grandma died), I Feel Pretty/Unpretty, & Songbird.

  • Elizabeth Long
    Elizabeth Long

    How can I pick just one?? I love them all, seriously! I'd have to say cover would be "Just the way you are" I love it! But my favorite glee song isn't even a cover...it's actually an original song, "Pretending". I love glee,I can't love without it! Thursday is my favorite day of the week for a reason<3

  • Carrie Hardman
    Carrie Hardman

    Its almost a tie between Cough Syrup and Teenage Dream (Acoustic version) but Cough Syrup wins out for me. Yes they are are both done by Darren, but When Cough Syrup came out I couldn't stop listening to it. On my Itunes account its at 687 listens (688 after i finish this cuz now i have to go back and listen to it again). There is just something about it that makes me listen every time. I've never skipped it when it comes up on my Ipod and i always have to listen to it at least twice. I'm not sure if its because of what it was used for in the show, or because it just kinda haunting sounding in its own, but i just cant get enough of it. Its like a siren song.

  • Diego Apodaca
    Diego Apodaca


  • Diego Apodaca
    Diego Apodaca

    Well, actually I love ALL the covers they've made, but if I have to choose one, I'll chose Lea Michele's performance of "It's All Coming Back To Me Now". That song makes me wanna cry everytime I hear it, besides Lea's voice is so powerful, so strong & BEAUTIFUL! Every song she sings is just HILARIOUS! It will be the best birthday-Christmas present for me, seriously. You don't know how much I'm in love with this series <3 Please, consider me xoxo Diego

  • Florencia Armas
    Florencia Armas

    I love all of the covers that Glee does, but right now my favorite would have to be Don't Dream It's Over. I love Cory's voice in it and the first time i heard it i cried, like a LOT! I absolutely LOVE it!

  • gleefan814

    My favorite is definitely New York State of Mind! Loved Rachel/Marley singing together!!

  • Robbie Campbell
    Robbie Campbell

    My favorite would have to be We are young!

  • Maja Perużyńska
    Maja Perużyńska

    I love every single of covers but I had to pick so: Blackbird (yes, proud Klaine shipper), Somebody to love - because it is so beautiful and gives me some kind of hope ... Oh and about most recent - Come see about me - can`t stop listening to it!!! But I`d like to thank Glee for showing me AMAZING music which I would never hear if it wasn`t for Ryan Murphy and rest of crew. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my Thursdays worth waiting for ♥

  • Jade Overton
    Jade Overton

    My favorite ever would have to be Bills, Bills, Bills.

  • Kevin Thomas Malesic
    Kevin Thomas Malesic

    Definitely a difficult decision, but I have to go with Valerie :)

  • Melissa Delgado
    Melissa Delgado

    My favorite cover would have to be "Cough Syrup". I absolutely love Blaines voice, and i really could have picked any song he has sung, but this one tops them all. Although it is a bit of a downer, its such a beautiful song. It has like 300+ plays on my iTunes. The song always gets me so emotional. I love it.

  • Kristina Fawley
    Kristina Fawley

    The best Glee song in my opinion is probably the pilot version of Don't Stop Believing or Teenage Dream.

  • Debra Garner
    Debra Garner

    I loved Rachel's version of O Holy Night but I love so many of their songs- I loved when Puck did Mean with Coach B. Firework was another awesome one. Loved Teenage Dream done in the NYC bar. Blackbird is another favorite.

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson

    I can't decide which cover i like best that Kurt sang!!! He is the only Glee character that has the honor of being on my wall!!!

  • Daniel Finchel Paz
    Daniel Finchel Paz

    Don't Stop Believin' is my favorite cover of all time!

  • Jackie I
    Jackie I

    We are Young or It's Time.

  • Paul Decker
    Paul Decker

    Rumor Has It/Someone Like You is my favorite Glee cover of all time!

  • Lea Matilde Meløe
    Lea Matilde Meløe

    Definitley I wanna hold your hand and Blackbird!

  • Kelly Erin
    Kelly Erin

    I am definitely in love the most recent cover of "Teenage Dream" that Blaine sang to Kurt at the bar in NY. While that scene made me cry like a baby, that performance was just so honest and the way that Kurt's face changes as he realizes there's something wrong...oh man. What talent.

  • Jana Jordan
    Jana Jordan

    So hard to pick one...but my favorite cover was "We are Young." I couldn't stop singing that song for a solid month.

  • Katie Boczarski
    Katie Boczarski

    It's hard to pick just one, but I could listen to "Candles" and "Fix You" on repeat all day.

  • robni090

    My favourite is the Fly/I believe I can fly mash-up.

  • gleenation5

    My fave would definitely have to be Don't Stop Believing, but I also loved their Journey Medley at Regionals and Paradise by the Dashboard Lights at Nationals are right up there too. Can't forget about Jessie's Girl either, because that song made Finn who he was!

  • Charlene

    My favorite Glee cover is most definitely Don't Stop Believing because that song put the show on the map. My fave other covers include Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Jessie's Girl, Glory Days, Paradise, and Somebody to Love!

  • Jeff Dodge
    Jeff Dodge

    My favorite Glee cover ever is "Don't Stop Believin'." It's hard to top the song that made Glee such a huge success.

  • connor

    I love Teenage Dream but my favourite is Candles.I love Klaine.

  • Amy Jones
    Amy Jones

    I love Kurt's I Want to Hold Your Hand!

  • Robert Kirchhoff
    Robert Kirchhoff

    Best cover ever? We Are Young. 100% helped launched .fun's career.

  • Jackie Ambroise
    Jackie Ambroise

    I love a few but one of my absolute favorites would have to be when the Warblers did Uptown Girl. i never get tired of it

  • Boris Wong
    Boris Wong

    definitely Bohemian Rhapsody :)

  • tiner04

    i love so many but the one i hear over and over is prob everything from Amber Riley lol.. i love her Whitney, Beyonce and JHud renditions

  • Justin L. Gibson
    Justin L. Gibson

    So many good ones to choose from, but I'll say the "Rumour Has It / Someone Like You" mashup!

  • Via Reyes
    Via Reyes

    It's really really hard to pick, but I'm going to have to go with Faithfully. The first time I ever heard them sing it in Regionals, I burst into tears.

  • Michelle Rushford
    Michelle Rushford

    favorite broadway cover-being alive favorite that makes me laugh-bohemian rhapsody

  • nancy121

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  • Laura Carpenter
    Laura Carpenter

    I simply cannot tell you my favorite gLee cover because I love every single one of them equally! BUT...if I have to choose I would have to say it's a tie between Bohemian Rhapsody (Jonathan Groff was just amazing! Talk about an adrenaline rush!) and Paradise By the Dashboard Light (I'm still amazed!) Also, Don't Rain on My Parade (that will always be a classic because IT WAS SO GOOD!) Like i said before I love them equally! :)

  • anamarija14

    I love O holy night by Rachel, I love Love shack but my apsolute favourite is Somebody to love (Queen). They do every song amazingly but those are my favourite. :)