‘Scandal’ Star Bellamy Young Believes It’s ‘True Love’ Between Fitz and OIivia (Q&A)

'Scandal's' Flashback
Bellamy Young talks about the flashback episode.
Every week, ABC’s Scandal provides the audience with twists and turns and there was no bigger shock this season than when President Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) was shot.

Just seconds before Fitz went down, first lady Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) pleaded with him to skip his birthday party, saying that she really didn’t want them to go. However, her persistence before the assassination attempt led us to believe that she might know more about the incident than she’s let on.

“More will definitely be revealed about everything that Mellie knows and everything that was going through her mind at that moment,” Young told Celebuzz about the midseason finale. Young also hinted that the writers of Scandal may be “drawing on historical precedent” for the incident referencing Ulysses S. Grant deciding not to attend the theater with Abraham Lincoln the night he was assassinated.

We talked to Young about last week’s big shooter reveal, Fitz’s recovery, and Mellie’s relationship with Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) as well as the alliance that got Fitz the presidency.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen last week’s episode.

Celebuzz: Our jaws dropped when it was revealed that Huck (Guillermo Diaz) shot the President! What can we expect from the midseason finale and will this information come out to the characters?
Bellamy Young: You’ll definitely find out more of the circumstances of Huck being in that room and holding that rifle and how it all came together. Nobody takes a shot at the president alone. It is a sordid scandalous tapestry of players that sort of evolve towards someone making an assassination attempt. We’ll start to peel that story away over the next few episodes. This winter finale is shocking and it is heavy. You’ll be gripping – grab your wine, grab your sweetheart, whatever, watch it with someone and get ready because it’s a ride.

Celebuzz: Fitz doesn’t look like he is doing well. What’s the status of his recovery on the midseason finale?
BY: This week we are very much in the ICU just willing him to survive. It’s so disorienting, because we start this episode with Sally Langston [Kate Burton] as president and it’s so overwhelming. So we’ll have that fight ahead of us, but right now it’s just keeping him alive.

Celebuzz: What is Mellie’s role in the white house now that Sally has taken the presidency from Fitz?
BY: Right now, it’s just like I said, willing him to live. It takes all your force or you think you’re helping anyway to sit there and make sure someone survives something but believe me there is much antler locking between me and Sally Langston. I’m not taking lightly to her being in the Oval. Mellie will fix this as she intends to fix everything or at least in her mind.

Celebuzz: Let’s talk about the alliance that includes Mellie, Olivia, Cyrus (Jeff Perry), Hollis (Gregg Henry), and Verna (Debra Mooney), which got Fitz elected president. When are we going to see that come out?
BY: Over the course of the next few episodes, that will all come to a head because as we said in the beginning of this season: The dirty little secrets, they come out. That will unfold and sort of just go nuclear. It’s fantastic in its imploding glory. You’ll love it.

Celebuzz: Mellie and Fitz definitely have some type of love, however small, between them but when do you think it was that Mellie feels like she lost Fitz to Olivia?
BY:I don’t think she thinks she has by any measure or she wouldn’t be fighting so hard. She knows how many years they have together as a partnership. She knows the love that they had. She knows the family that they have. She’s fighting with every resource that she can field to get them back to that place. I think she really, really, really believes that that will happen. Either he will get over Olivia or he will sort of sublimate his personal life to his public life and sort of rejoin her at least on the public path. I think she’s not even asking for the love that she thought they had to resume. I think she’s literally just asking for the partnership. I don’t think she has at all given up on Fitz and Mellie. I don’t think she ever will.

I do think he has true love with Olivia. I don’t think that’s the kind of love he has for Mellie and she understands that. She sees how different he is with Olivia but I think she thinks life is complicated and she’s willing to make sacrifices from her idealized notion of them as the perfect couple around to be on this path with him, in this life. Her love for him is real and true and strong.

Celebuzz: With the man that you both love being down and out at the moment, could we maybe see Mellie and Olivia coming together?
BY: Absolutely. Especially when you’re sitting by someone’s deathbed. All you want in the world is what’s best for them. I’m more into the friendship Mellie and Olivia would have had and you’ll see some of that in future episodes too. It’s really sad because they’re so alike. I mean they are so different in so many ways but they’re so alike in so many others. I miss her. I take things out on her, besides the fact that she and my husband are sleeping together; there was the possibility of greatness of between the two of them.

Scandal’s midseason finale airs Thursday at 10 PM on ABC. Young told us “Everyone can join the conversation [about the episode] if they tweet at hashtag #whatthehuck.”

What do you think about Scandal’s latest reveal? Are you watching the addictive show? Weigh in with your theories below!

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