‘The Hobbit’: 7 Things You Need to Know About Peter Jackson’s ‘Rings’ Prequel (PHOTOS)

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That sound you hear belongs to legions of Tolken fans snapping on their fanny packs as they rise up to see The Hobbit.

December 14 marks director Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth for the first time since 2003’s Return of the King. To celebrate one of the year’s biggest releases, Celebuzz offers a quick guide to the seven things the average moviegoer needs to know about the LOTR prequel.

This primer breaks down the basics – from characters to story – that comprise the dense world of An Unexpected Journey, the first of three prequels chronicling key events prior to Fellowship of the Ring.

Don’t know what a Bilbo Baggins is? We got you covered. Having trouble keeping the film’s many dwarves straight? Our image gallery below can help.

Will you see The Hobbit this weekend? Check out Celebuzz’ chat with Andy Serkis and Martin Freeman below, and let us know what you think about the film in the comments section.

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