100-Plus Holiday Outfit Ideas from the Red Carpet

Haute Holiday Style
Tinsletown's trendsetters show off the latest holiday fashion trends.
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‘Tis the season for dressing up … and dress codes.

Along with countless excuses to dress up, all those holiday invitations come with wardrobe dictates (“black-tie”) or dilemmas (as in, what in the world does “festive attire” mean?).

The sheer spectrum of seasonal celebrations — each with their own wardrobe requirements, both written and unwritten — can make figuring out what to wear as stressful as the holidays themselves.

But this year, you can erase “what to wear?” from your list of “what to stress over.” Not only have we decoded the dress code for every type of holiday party, we’ve also gathered an array of holiday outfit inspiration from the red carpet’s most stylish stars.

Since the holidays are that one time when the LBD just won’t do, and something more festive is in order, there’s no better place to look for outfit inspiration than the red carpet, where dressing with flair is nothing short of an art form.

Though it’s still early in the season, the red carpet has already been filled with an array of haute holiday fashion to help you put together a fashionable, festive ensemble fit for every type of seasonal celebration.

Whether the invite says “festive,” “coat and tie,” “black tie” or nothing at all, we’ve decoded the dress code    and gathered red carpet inspiration to help you dress the part — sans the stress.

Check out our guide to holiday dressing, and get ready to eat, drink and be chic from now until the New Year.

 What’s your holiday dress code dilemma? Share your questions for our style experts in the comments below.

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