Who Should Replace LA Reid on ‘The X Factor’? (PHOTOS)

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The X Factor judges’ panel was disrupted yet again on Thursday when LA Reid confirmed he’s leaving the show at the end of its second season.

“I have to go back and I have a company to run that I’ve kind of neglected and it saddens me a little bit, but only a little bit,” Reid, the chairman and CEO of Epic Records who has been with The X Factor from the beginning, told Access Hollywood.

Since the show launched in 2011, The X Factor — which was recently renewed for a third season — has been plagued with what has become a revolving door of judges. British singer Cheryl Cole was booted from season 1 during its auditions round, and was subsequently replaced by host Nicole Scherzinger.

Then, at the end of season 1, Scherzinger herself got the boot, alongside Paula Abdul, whom judge Simon Cowell brought over from American Idol. Their seats eventually went to Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, respectively.

Now, with Reid departing, another spot is open at the admittedly pricey table.

Who will get the gig — and, more importantly, who should?

Celebuzz has rounded up five potential choices. Check them out in the gallery, above.

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