‘X Factor’s’ Emblem3 Backing Tate Stevens for the Win: ‘He Really Deserves This’

L.A. Leaving 'X Factor'
The original judge confirms he's not returning for Season 3.
In a surprise elimination on Thursday, the surf boys of FOX’s The X Factor were edged out of the Final 3. But, they don’t seem to be all that bothered by the loss.

“I honestly only feel happy right now,” Drew Chadwick told reporters after the show. “We get to go and make some badass music now and not have to be under any restrictions.”

“It was like the music industry on Miracle-Gro or steroids, it was awesome,” Wesley Stromberg said. “We learned a lot. Now, it’s over and we’re about to go do it for real now.”

It doesn’t hurt matters that their mentor was Simon Cowell, who’s not only an executive producer on the show but half owner of entertainment company, Syco (the other 50 percent is owned by Sony Music).

“Simon made it very clear to us that he’s definitely interested,” Chadwick revealed. “And he actually said, ‘You guys are going to have huge careers.’”

Cowell may have to share the guys with L.A. Reid, who the Huntington Beach residents said also expressed interest in signing them.

The Epic Records executive, and only judge holdover from Season 1, announced he wouldn’t be returning for Season 3 on Thursday. And Chadwick says he understands why he’d make the decision.

“I think that L.A. Reid is more of a creative, behind the scenes production type of dude,” the 20-year-old, who spent some time pondering if the group was misrepresenting themselves on the show, said.

“Reality TV is more about the TV show than the music,” he continued. “Me and him have a lot in common in that sense.”

Now that they’re out of the game, Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony and Tate Stevens are vying for the $5 million dollar prize next week. So, who do the guys say they’re throwing their support behind?

“I’m just going to get real with you guys,” Chadwick started. “Carly is 13 years old, she’s an amazing singer, she’s going to be doing great things with the talent she’s been given. Tate is a little bit older. He’s amazing, he’s been playing music for a long time, he’s a family man, he has a great heart, he has pure intentions, he’s a good guy. I feel like he really deserves this. He needs a break. I love Tate. I love Carly and I love Fifth harmony too, but I think he’s the most deserving.”

The X Factor airs Wednesday and Thursday at 8PM on FOX.

Were you surprised to see Emblem3 go? Who’s getting your vote on the finale? Tell us in the comments section below.

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