Trespasser Arrested at Taylor Swift’s Nashville Home Would Not Have Harmed the Singer, Claims His Grandmother (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

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The grandmother of Jacob Kulke — the man arrested for trespassing at Taylor Swift’s Nashville, Tenn., home — insists he does not pose a threat to the country superstar.

Kulke, 24, was found around 1:45 am Friday morning roaming the grounds of Swift’s property after travelling more than 640 miles by bus from his home in Wisconsin.

“He is not a bad person and he would not have meant Taylor Swift any harm,” Beverly Kulke told Celebuzz exclusively.

The drifter was detected by Swift’s security team before being arrested by police and is now being held on $10,000 bail.

After he was apprehended, Kulke told police officers that somebody had contacted him from Swift’s home via social media and he intended to celebrate the singer’s 23rd birthday.

Nashville police released a statement Dec. 14 outlining the circumstances behind the arrest, in which Kulke was charged with criminal trespassing after he scaled a secured gate and fence outside the “Love Story” singer’s estate.

The 24-year-old alleged trespasser is also wanted in Brighton, Colo., for contempt of court and probation violation in connection to a burglary case, according to the West Precinct police statement.

“Colorado authorities report they will extradite Kulke once the Nashville charge is adjudicated,” as stated by police, adding that a fugitive from justice warrant was issued for his arrest late Friday morning.

Drifter Kulke was also convicted of battery, disorderly conduct and drug possession in Wisconsin in 2010.

Despite these charges, his relative maintains that her grandson is not a “dangerous or bad” person who’s infatuated with Swift.

“Jacob was not obsessed with Taylor Swift or anything like that,” she added. “He did not have a fetish for her.”

“I last saw him a month ago and he was not depressed or taking drugs or anything like that.”

Kulke’s grandmother is also searching for the answer as to why this happened.

“He enjoys travelling and was just trying to find himself. He does not have a job at present and he split up with his girlfriend a while ago.

“I’m sad to hear about this, but my grandson is not an evil person or anything like that. He likes to play piano and is a decent horn player.”

Swift was celebrating her 23rd birthday with her One Direction boyfriend Harry Styles 4,000 miles away in Great Britain when Kulke was nabbed on her property.

The incident comes just a few days after she opened up about stalkers scaring her in Cosmopolitan UK.

“I get nervous when I have stalker incidents,” she revealed.

“I try not to talk about it because it scares me. Sometimes you get a dude who kind of wants to steal you. That’s why I’m so grateful I have people looking after me like (my bodyguard) Dennis.

“Over the past couple of years it’s got worse,” she added. “I get told if there’s been an attempt or threat.

“My security text me a picture and say ‘Look out for this dude, he’s driven across country, he’s off his meds or something like that.

“Nobody has been successful in getting into my house or anything like that — I have an amazing security team.”

Nashville police are likely to extradite Kulke back to Colorado once the trespassing charge has been dealt with by authorities.

Swift is currently in Germany promoting her latest record, but she is expected to fly back to her Nashville home for Christmas.

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