‘Dexter’ Season Finale Preview: 6 Things to Know Before Watching ‘Surprise Mother——‘ (PHOTOS)

Hall's Fav Episodes
Michael C. Hall dishes on his favorite eps of the show.
'Dexter's' Great Ratings
The Season 7 premiere got the series' best ratings yet.
This season of Showtime’s Dexter has been interesting, to say the least, as Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) has attempted to grapple with the fact that her brother, Dexter (Michael C. Hall), is a serial killer.

Since the show began, fans have been waiting for the day when Deb would be clued in to her brother’s “dark passenger” and on Season 7 they got it. While some thought she may arrest him, her feelings, and need to protect her adopted sibling, have made her do things she would have never imagined.

But the reveal of Dexter’s true personality to Debra isn’t all that has been going down on Season 7 of the thrilling show. Could this be the season Dexter actually gets caught? Captain Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) has a theory she’s not backing down from and it involves the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Dex also experienced a true love during this season and had the Russian mob after him. And if the promos for the season ender are correct, it looks like we may be headed for another game-changing finale.

To prepare yourselves for what could be an epic episode, launch our gallery above for a recap of what’s happened on the seventh season so far.

Warning: Major spoilers if you have not seen Season 7 of Dexter

Dexter’s season finale, “Surprise Mother******,” airs Sunday at 9 PM on Showtime.

Do you think Dexter will finally get what’s coming to him? Sound off in the comments below!

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