Happy 33rd Birthday, Flo Rida: Hear 6 of the Rapper’s Biggest Hits to Date (VIDEOS)

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2012 has been a wild one for rapper Flo Rida.

From the success of his fourth studio album, Wild Ones, to his recent Grammy nomination for the title track, Flo, whose real name is Tramar Dillard, can give himself a well-deserved pat on the back.

On Sunday, Flo Rida turns 33 years old. And in honor of his big day, Celebuzz is taking a look at some of his biggest tracks to date.

From his breakout hit “Low” to his notable collaborations with the likes of Timbaland, Will.i.am., T-Pain and Sia, Flo Rida has remained one of the biggest names on the radio, on stage and on the awards circuit.

To date, Flo’s most successful album is 2009’s R.O.O.T.S., which has sold more than 750,000 copies worldwide.

Without further adieu, here are six of Flo Rida’s biggest hits to date. Happy Birthday Flo Rida!

“Low” (2007)

“Elevator” (2008)

“In the Ayer” (2008)

“Right Round” (2009)

“Wild Ones” (2012)

“Good Feeling” (2011)

“Whistle” (2012)

Do you have a favorite Flo Rida song? Share your favorite and send Flo a birthday greeting below!

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