‘Homeland’ Season Finale Preview: 6 Things to Know Before Watching ‘The Choice’ (PHOTOS)

'Homeland': 5 things
See and read five things to know before Season 2.
Go ahead, just chock up all the television awards and hand them over to Showtime’s Homeland.

The shocking and sometimes-incredulous second season of the Emmy-winning show has featured some incredible performances this year and looks like it will continue its hot streak well into 2013, having just received multiple nominations for the 2013 Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globes. The show, which has been on an insane ride this season, is set to bring Season 2 to a close on Sunday night with what is sure to be a water-cooler episode on Monday morning.

Up until this point, this second season has featured some of the best scenes on television all year – see: Episode 5’s amazing interrogation scene between Carrie (Claire Danes) and Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) – and also some plot lines that critics frankly thought implausible.

But whether plotlines and scenes made us gasp, tighten our grips on the sofa or laugh, a lot has gone down on Season 2 of the smash hit since its premiere in September.

This season, Homeland  has brought in some new characters and said goodbye to others while revisiting some Season 1 relationships.

For a refresher course on everything that’s happened on Season 2 thus far, launch our gallery above.

Note: Major spoilers if you have not seen Season 2 of Homeland.

The second season finale of Homeland airs Sunday at 10 PM on Showtime.

What do you think will go down on the season ender? Give us your theories below! And then come back after the episode to discuss the shocker!

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